December 4th, 2003


Quiz Statistics

I promised to post statistics of the meme, so here they are... it's the Colorquiz Graphs! These are actually much more interesting than the colorquiz itself, if you ask me.

1) Livejournallers by color - who got what. This inspired me to remove fuchia as an option because like 2000 people had gotten it, which is really only 10% or so but it feels like a lot more.

2) Livejournallers by hour - a graph of where the timestamps fell. Interesting curves... you can see that we were really going somewhere when my site was taken down on the first day. Looking back I think it was for the best. It's good to slow these things down. You can also see that no one wakes up at 6 a.m. to take silly quizzes... but it tempts me to make another graph to see what the freaks who wake up at 6 get on their quizzes, you know? Eh, later.

3) Everyone by checked box - The quiz asked users to check a box if the word described them, and this is a graph of who got what. "Holistic" is just a stupid word, I've decided, not sure why I added that. Anyway, the colorquiz adds or subtracts 10 points per word to your different scores, and another 0-10 points based on the percent of people who did the opposite of you (if you checked the box and no one else did, it's worth more points, etc) that's what I had this set up early in the game.

4) Last 300 Results - Livejournal accounts

I was looking for some sort of interesting quiz-studying community to post these in but couldn't find one I liked, but I think some of you will like these so it's cool like that.

pop-up ads

Must talk a bit on a subject. That subject is pop-up ads.

I have a pop-up service on some of my quiz results pages and the useless blobs. After some responses today I may look at getting a less invasive one, since people seem to think the service I use is unusually harsh. But I really need something. My site has server costs associated with it, and the pop-ups are the only practical way to get those paid for. Since they'll pay for it without being on forums, articles, or any main pages, I'm happy. Subjecting quiz takers to pop-ups doesn't bother me too much, since they tend to visit once, and if they come back at all they don't come back for the quiz, they come back to visit pages with actual content, and I don't put the ads on those pages.

There's another reason I don't mind using pop-ups: I don't see them. I use the Mozilla Web Browser, which lets you go into "edit > preferences > advanced > scripts" to uncheck the box that says "Allow web pages to open unrequested windows". No more pop-up ads.

So, do I suck for putting pop-ups on pages? Maybe. It's a way for my visitors to chat in the chat room, download xmms skins, browse the forums, read articles, etc. without being subjected to ads anywhere. Those are the people I really care about. Plus, I'm really only bothering people who are stuck using Internet Explorer. I have nothing against IE, it's a fine web browser and I want those people to be able to visit my site too, I just don't care so much about subjecting them to the ads.

so in shirt, all I know about pop-ups is that they're paying for my site, and I've tried other advertisement programs to pay for my site and nothing has ever worked out. If anything, I feel worse for putting up some crappy search link and begging people to click it all the time.

Will say that I'm sorry I posted links to stats pages and people who were looking at color results were subjected to ads. Didn't mean to do that... I've added a function so those links are safe. But the ads will still come up for people taking the quiz, and I don't think I suck for putting them there, I just know that without them I'd be afraid to make quizzes period because they'd cost so much money.