December 1st, 2003


dumb meme

the colorquiz has been interesting. over 2300 livejournallers (and some 2000 other randoms of the street) have taken it, so that's fun, but attempts to tweak the algorithms and scale things so everyone's different haven't worked well at all. last night I told like 50 people they were all seagrean before I noticed one bug I'd made. I'm currently trying to figure out why so many are coming out as either black or bright fushia. I guess this is why quizzes are usually small and mostly random and very dumb. Maybe the colors aren't different because people aren't different, too... hrm.

coolness though... I set up a script to tell me who checked what boxes to describe themselves. Looks like everyone is curious, that makes sense. But not very many people are fearless.

the color quiz, part III

When I got home from work today, over 15,000 people had taken my new color quiz! Yay!

And my website was suspended. ewe.

Good thing is that I had a pop-up ad on the results page, so if I need to add more bandwidth I'll be able to pay for it.

Bad thing is that my website is suspended.

Good thing is that livejournal loved my color quiz!

All in all I'd call it a success... tune in here for updates on the website situation.

9:31 pm update: Host has contacted me, we'll be disabling the scripts for a while probably, they're saying I was creating constant connections to the SQL database, flooding the server.

I examined my scripts and found that I had in fact left out a tiny little mysql_close(); command at the bottom of one. Oops. That might have been important. Well, these are the lessons we remember, huh? ;)

7:19 am update: Yup, that was it. On the bottom of the ljfriends script. I've re-uploaded a new version but the server admins are watching it closely and will shut it down at first sign that we're going under again, so who knows what I'll find when I get home from work today?