September 13th, 2003


it's been a very long time since i thought like this

Dear Red Light in the Rain:

I'm minding you through a glass windshield and several yards of humid air and water, and you are not minding me even a little bit. My legs are sore; my hair is damp; my mind is tired; yet you keep me from sitting on a comfortable sofa on a second floor apartment drinking a warm cup of tea, all of which is waiting down the road.

The day was long. The week was long. Lately everything has kept me from that warm place.

I am so much more interesting than you. I give so much more to the world and make so many people so much more happy than you. But I wait, knowing that you work on the behalf of a perpendicular society, with similar sofas and teas. You should know that they aren't thinking of you like I am.

I can be patient; soon I won't think of you either. and I won't think of them. I will only be at home.