September 8th, 2003



I went caving this weekend with some friends from work. We drove to Columbia, MO and went to the Devil's Ice Box cave... four of us, a guide, and three guide trainees, so it was pretty cool. Canoed in and spent about four hours crawling around in clay and wading through water, looking at bats and cave formations and all that. I was wearing an LED headlamp which emitted a very pleasant white light... other headlamps were a bit more harsh. But the cave was beautiful. Didn't take any pictures because, well, it's in a cave, but it was fun.

I was exhausted at night so I went right to sleep before the campfire was set up for food, woke up in the morning still tired, and stiff. I'm still sore today and I have no idea why. Oh well.

I have all these gunky clothes hanging on a drying rack in my kitchen. I tried to wash them in the apartment washers twice and it didn't get all the crud out, so now I'm not sure what to do. We came out of that cave just caked with gray mud. Gratifying to be that dirty, yes, and it's not like I wore any new clothes in there, but it's a pain now that I'm trying to wash this stuff out.

I can't believe I live here

weekends away are awesome, but the bad thing is that you come back to your neglected living space. missing a weekend means twices as many species of mold in the fridge, more laundry that's not done, more website things that broke while you were gone (I haven't gotten e-mail in four days, that's right), a bird cage that needs cleaned twice as bad, no food in the fridge. All the things that get taken care of during The Weekend were skipped, two weekends in a row now, and you just want to close the door, move across town, and start over.


but I won't, no, I will fight this.

went to bed bath and beyond to buy a present for a wedding I'm going to this weekend (specific subject not to be discussed in public entry), and really wanted to buy myself something too as kind of a personal reward for being, uh, me, but I couldn't find anything and it was really frustrating. kinda want a new tablecloth, a bread box, a candle holder, a thing that you set bacon on in the microwave. they had all this stuff but I couldn't bring myself to buy it. So I left with nothing but this ass ugly soap dispenser from the wedding registry.

I think if I ever get married I'll have my sister or somebody register for me, that way it'll be done with, but I'll be surprised. And I know my sister wouldn't pick out crap.

I digress... my point was that bed bath and beyond was depressing after wandering around so long wanting to find happiness in the material things and not finding it. I came home and made macaroni and cheese and thought about life some more. long sighs.