August 23rd, 2003



just wanted to check in and say that yes, I am alive! Been working longer hours though, and six day weeks, so time flies when you're... uh... working all the damn time. It's cool though, we get compensated for overtime. And I'm working on fun stuff.

just... yup.

bad for my running though. no damn time.

just spent $50 at the grocery store, it was very satisfying. I have food now! yay!

in other news, I'm getting a TON of replies to e-mails that I am not sending. e-mails saying that I sent a virus, e-mails saying that I tried to post to a mail list that I wasn't on, all that. not sure what to do. very unsure in fact... don't know how this stuff all works but it's annoying when it doesn't.