July 13th, 2003


running, movie

running log: 5, three 10s, 5. had weird awful taste in mouth during last 15 minutes or so, salty or acidic or something. just bad.

The nice thing about running is that I'm reminded what sweat feels like. During the work week lately I've gone outside to run paperwork, then arrived back at the office thinking, "Oh, it's so hot out there! I can feel sweat starting on my face..." psh. nothing, that. i'm running in july now, sweating the sweat of a thousand lives, covered in it... it soaks my hair and runs down my back. it's awesome.

in other news, went with some friends last night and saw Pirates of the Caribbean and it was INCREDIBLE! Honestly, I'd read some good reviews but didn't expect this... I was in love with every character I was supposed to be in love with, smiling through all the action scenes, laughing at every joke. I would highly recommend it.