July 3rd, 2003


Why label yourself a Feminist?

Yes, I realize that I haven't updated since before I left for my grand St. Louis trip, so none of you know a thing about it. I'll write on it later. Let me just say that it's tough to get in the journalling habit again sometimes after taking time off. Instead, I give you this article, cross-posted to spacefem.com, on some finer issues of feminism and society.

I was talking to my sister in the car on the way to St. Louis when we got to discussing feminists, and how a lot of people don't like the term "Feminist", they'd rather be called "humanist" or just, um, "really cool person" or something. Yes, labels suck sometimes. But I have a problem with the "humanist" thing, just as I have a problem with every other issue people have with the "Feminist" label.Collapse )