June 3rd, 2003



I used to always wear a watch. It was this timex, good for workouts and everything. I started timing everything. Just setting the timer all the time, or setting it to count down something. Lap times. Travel times. Cooking times.

Then I learned that I could set it to beep every hour on the hour, which was so beautiful... I would look down at it and at any given time of any given day, I knew what time it was without even thinking about it.

It was fun for a while until I realized that every beep represented more than just my awareness of the time... it was hours gone by. Another sixty minutes of my life. Another unit closer to DEATH. Do most people think about their watch beeping like that? Probably not. Most people don't overthink things like I do. But this really bothered me.

So I quit wearing a watch. Haven't worn one for, oh, I'd say two years now. That's that.