June 2nd, 2003


bike tires

Came home from work all set to fix Bike, but it all went wrong. Reasons:

Wal-mart inner tubes I bought have conventional Schrader valves, which won't fit through the little valve stem holes in my fancy corvair rims.

Old inner tubes have Presta valves, which I can't figure out how to take apart so I can get tire sealant in there. Damn! I've done google searches and everything, nobody talks about the process at all. Bike shops all close at six.

Without tire sealant all effort will be in vain because there are thorns everywhere. That's why BOTH tires are flat now. Yes, I can patch the old tubes, I have plenty of patches, but why? They'll just go flat again.

So I ate cookies. Gary called to see if I wanted to go biking and I told him the story. I was all pissed off and depressed. He might come over later but I wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to. I wouldn't want to spend time with me right now.

Oh, and there are spiders in my apartment. Hate them.

Car is not leaking transmission fluid though! Good thing. Have been checking levels and it's all good. I succeeded at something.