April 9th, 2003


running, nikita

I got home from work today, put on a TANK TOP and SHORTS and went running, outside, in the sunny perfect world. It was awesome. I wonder sometimes, if I moved to a warmer climate where I'd be happy with the weather all the time, could I really be happy? I wouldn't have this have-havenot thing going, with the sun handed out at a certain time each year like desert. I wouldn't be as grateful for days like this when the sky is perfectly blue and the earth is warm.

Anyway, it was the best kind of run... I found a path that leads from my apartment to a park, with more paths! By the time I got to the park of course I was dead tired, figured it'd be a good point to turn around. But if I keep running eventually I'll have the endurance to go into the park, and when the bike tires are aired up again I can take it there as well. It'll be good.

Got home and stretched, showered, made some pasta for dinner. Put in La Femme Nikita, I'd rented it a few days before. I have this philosphy now, that all movies in the FORIEGN section must be good, because they wouldn't go through the trouble to send crap across the ocean. I mean, that's probably why anime fans get into it... I bet japanese people see some real crap anime, but it never makes it over here so we think most of it's good. Well, they think most of it's good. I can't get excited.

I didn't really like La Femme Nikita though, I got bored with it. Good action flick, I guess, strong female lead. But it's very violent. And I didn't understand some parts. And didn't really feel like I could relate to the characters. I read some amazon reviews of it, where people were talking about how totally incredible it was... I didn't feel like that.

mmm... yawn. I'll sleep well tonight, I can say that. Running has that effect.