March 27th, 2003


irrational thoughts

My phone rings at work today, and I can tell from the caller ID that it's someone from the computer support desk. He was making sure they had my computer number right, had me read off the serial number on my RS station and then I had to run off so I didn't have time to ask him why he needed that information. I mean, from the caller ID thing I could tell that he was in fact on the support desk. But then I started wondering why, four days before layoffs, they're double-checking my numbers?

Did you know that the unemployment rate in Luxembourg is only 2.7%?

Seriously, I know you all don't believe in signs, but this could be my sign. Get the hell out of Kansas, spacefem. I went to a party a long time ago, with some friends of my parents, and they told me, "You're young, with no family and no house. Don't worry about a job! You can get a plane ticket around the world for $2000... don't think about it, don't plan it, just go. You are tied to nothing, do you know how much I'd love to be you again some days?"

At the time, I was thinking, "Great, but even that's $2000. I don't have $2000."

I do now