March 23rd, 2003


nice day, morning paper, blinkies

I've had my television on sci-fi all day. Dune, the whole Dune, and nothing but the Dune. I haven't necessarily been watching it though, I just couldn't, I had too much to do and it's too nice a day outside. So I'm totally lost. Oh well.

I woke up this morning and walked to get the paper, but just kept walking, across the street to the donut shop (thank you God for putting a donut shop across the street from me) and I sat down and drank a cuppucino and ate a donut and read their paper. I mean, I can spend $1.50 on a paper, and keep it, or I can borrow one, spend $1.50 on really good coffee and a fresh cake donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. A habit may be made of this. I watched people come in... some lady walked in with the most adorable little girl, she couldn't have been more than two, and she's running straight at the counter yelling, "We're getting DONUTS! We're getting DONUTS! [arrives at glass counter] I want that one." Of course it was the first one she saw, so her mom had to pull her little hand off the glass and explain that we'll pick out donuts for everyone, you don't even like that kind remember? They buy half a dozen and walk out. Good times, people watching.

After that I walked around the corner to Gordman's and bought a new purse, because mine broke, again. I love my old purse, I got it my freshman year of high school, it's the perfect size and shape and everything. But I keep having to make repairs to it. So finally today I broke down and got a new one... it's cute and summery, straw with a leather strap. Also bought a new tank top because it was $5.

Broiled a chicken breast for lunch, hung out, cleaned the apartment, surfed the web. Yesterday's entry made me very happy, all of you saying you wouldn't mind staying up, getting drunk, talking to me until 3:00 about philosphy. I loved it :) go friends list, really! I also made some more logos for my website, because this girls button templates just inspired me to no end. And I surfed around, finding websites with buttons and icons, made my high school and college girls, with cute little sayings and figures and such. I made this: It's a "blinkie". Yes, very cute! There are tons wandering around the web, people put cute sayings on them and then make them animated in new and schitzophrenic ways. I have learned about the world of blinkies today and feel much more educated.

I love internet sub-worlds. Quizzes are one, my site gets hits from those. Stick deaths are my other one, although I'm a total has-been in that community now. I learned about dollz last year or so, those are fun, I put those on (speaking of has-beens). It's good times.

Anyway, instead of building up my site's fame on useless blobs, which are like 20K each, I should have just been a blinkie maker. They're like 3K each. But it's too late for that now, just let this be a lesson for all of you.