March 22nd, 2003


Cider House Rules, Demographics, Finances

My sister and her boyfriend came down, and left today. It was a good visit. Last night we just hung out, went to Ten Thousand Villages to do some shopping, ate dinner at panera, rented some movies. We saw "The Cider House Rules". It was a good movie, I'd recommend it. Interesting perspectives on abortion.

The DVD had all the TV ads on it, so we watched all of them. There were quite a few... ones from before critics had seen it, ones from after. And unique ones for each target demographic. I mean, "Cider House Rules" is basically one of those "appreciate your life" films I'd say, but some of the TV spots made it just totally different. The first few shown had relaxing music and a narrator talking about a young boy and his mentor. Then all the sudden there was one that played techno music and had all this flashing text saying stuff like, "FIND YOUR WAY" and "MAKE YOUR OWN RULES". Then there was one playing jewel music showing all the scenes with the two young people confessing their love to one another... hey, it's a romance now! Then there was one with ominous scary music, showing all these stormy scenes like it's an action-adventure flick. Totally weird... the ads were all so different, but they were all about the same movie.

The only thing they all had in common was that they all showed that 10ms clip of Charlize Theron laying on her stomach, naked, smiling up at us. That wasn't a very long or important scene in the movie, but it was very important in all the ads.

Anyway, as my sister said, you can just tell it was one of those "Good movie, great book!" deals. Just the way the story goes really fast at some points, and there are so many characters that are barely touched on, you can tell the book would be fantastic. I'll have to check it out.

In other news, my credit card bill was under $500 this month. This might not sound like a big deal to you, but seriously, I'm very proud of this fact! Every month since I moved out on my own, it's been at least $800. When I was in college, living off dining hall food and ramen noodles, a $500 credit card bill was horrible. It'd kill me. But now that I buy actual groceries, and paying a phone bill and a cable bill, it's a whole new world. Spending $50 at the grocery store is not difficult. Having some random thing come up, like the car needing a new windshield, is not rare at all. And I have to spend actual money on a wardrobe, I can't just roam the office in $10 t-shirts and $4 wal-mart sandals. Skirts and hose and dress shoes add up quickly.

I'm thinking of opening a savings account. It won't do me a whole lot of good, but it'd be something, I can buy a house in a few years maybe. I'm also thinking of cashing out my shitty mutual fund, I wish someone would give me some advice about that thing. Four years ago it was $1000, now it's $800? I've heard that you should never pull out when investments are low, because that's how you lose the money, but this thing just seems to go nowhere but down. My sister's boyfriend was giving me all this financial advice this weekend, he's so into that stuff. Investements, roth IRAs, long-term planning. It's so pointless to me. I just want to have a job and keep getting paid and know that I'm sorta doing the right thing, I don't feel the need to check on my portfolio once a month or anything like that. And even after a few years, when I actually might have some money saved up, I still don't think it will matter. It bores me to tears.