February 8th, 2003

senior project

pithy servers

Internet has been such a pain lately. All week it's been spotty, either I can't connect to my ISP's DNS, or can't connect at all, so finally I got online today and had nothing for like a half hour so I called customer service. I couldn't ever get the guy to tell me if he did anything, but it started working again. Then an hour later, gone again. It kept doing the same thing... it'd slow down, so I'd ping a server, and have like 40% packet loss. Then 80%. Then 100%. So I called the company back, they did some pinging and noticed all the loss and said they'd send someone out to check things out.

Guess what? As soon as I hung up, I'm back online. Crap! Reminds me of when I was a kid, I used to get these awful coughs, but when mom took me to the doctor I wouldn't cough at all. Amazing.

So I'm tempted to call the cable company and tell them life is okay, don't send anyone out, but I've heard that's a bad thing to do. So I'll just wait here until 1:00. Maybe it's just a weak signal again? Who knows.

The guy I talked to the second time kept addressing me as "Mrs. so-and-so", too. What, do I sound like I'm married? pleh.
senior project

random quasi-technical thoughts

My internet connection blows! Seriously... I'm pinging sites now and getting upwards of 30% packet loss. When the cable repair guy came out, everything was perfect (of course). He tool-tightened some connections and replaced a coax to my tv but that was it. Now I'm back and everything blows.

Due to connection issues, I think I've pinged yahoo.com like 87 times today. It's just the site I ping. I laughed and told dave that it was funny how I never visit yahoo or use it for anything, but I ping it all the time. He said that's how he was too, only sometimes he uses apple.com.

Oh well. on to news...

I added a link directory to spacefem.com. Go addeth thy sites! It's a free php code but I did some hacking to get it just how I wanted, I was proud of that... added total listings values on the front page and some other things. Not just template mods.

Sometimes, I think databases could be really interesting. Then I remember that I don't want to be one of *those* people ;)

David is back. He brought a router and his laptop this time so he won't be using my computer for internet access. It would seem that our relationship depends on having separate nodes, seriously, I was stressed when he needed on my machine.

Why can't I find an official version of the jargon files? The site I had bookmarked seems to just push off to other domains