January 12th, 2003


bowling ball, pilot school, sewing, articles

I bought a bowling ball. Last night I went to vineyard church again and I thought it started at 6:00, but when I got there I found out it started at 6:30, so I left and went to the strip mall across the street. There wasn't really anything there... a dollar general and a salvation army thrift store were pretty much the highlights, so I went to the thrift store. And they had this awesome bowling ball with a bag for $5. The bag is white with a faded hot pink strip down the side, it totally rocks. The ball is maroon and says, "BONANZA" on it. I was pretty excited, I'll have to go bowling now, I just need shoes.

In other news, pilot school still hasn't started yet, I'm a little upset. We need eight people to start the class and there are only five signed up now. The guy told me he was pretty sure we'd be able to start next week, but I noticed today that they went ahead and cashed my $500 check. Since I don't get that money back until I pass the class, we'd better start next week!

I'm finishing this dress I've been working on. Yesterday I decided to use snaps instead of buttons for it, so I bought these pearl ones at the sewing store, and you have to pound them in with a hammer. It's really satisfying. So much about sewing is just not tough, it's quiet and contemplative, with these snaps you carefully line up the pretty flowered fabric, measure out the distances, line up the shiny pearl snaps with the cute little blue plastic thing and POUND POUND POUND POUND POUND!!! IT'S IN NOW! I need to get a really good webcam to show off my sewing projects here, on the one I have the colors are screwed up and the resolution maxes out at like 340x280 or something, it's not worth the effort.

I'm posting articles on my website now. The script I wrote to pull posts out of the phpbb worked, so a lot of my general thoughts on life will be at http://spacefem.com instead of here. I dunno, maybe I should cross-post? It's hard to say.