January 3rd, 2003


birds live!

Okay, so Dave gave me a USB extension cable which I plugged in yesterday to run to the webcam. On the packaging for the extension cable it said that it required Windows 98 or higher or Mac OS 8.6 or higher... but WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT? It somehow worked in Linux.

I e-mailed the company accusing them of degrading the legitamacy of alternative operating systems by including OSs under System Requirements. And no, they actually didn't say "Windows 98 or higher", they list out almost every Windows OS... "Windows ME", "Windows 2000", "Windows 2000 professional"... on and on. Stupid micro$oft pawns.

But let's not talk about that... with the extension cable I could put the camera on top of my vertical blinds, which is where my babies Aggamemnon and Naboo like to hang out, so people checking out the cam got a special treat... parakeets! I copied the highlights because they're so cute. Sorry things are a bit blurry.

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