January 2nd, 2003


tree recycling 101

Well, Sprucefem the Merry Christmas Tree met her end today, it was terribly sad. I feel a little better knowing that she'll be used in landscaping and paths in sedgwick county parks, but I still had to keep reminding myself that she was planted just for this purpose, to make someone's Christmas this much more exciting. And she did!

It makes me think about cows, how they're born just to be hamburgers. I realized once that humans spend so much time wondering about the meaning of life, and some of us even think there isn't one. Cows, on the other hand, have a meaning for their lives, a reason they were put on this earth: steak. But if they realized that they'd be totally depressed all the time. Maybe that's how our meaning is, and we're smart enough to contemplate it, so that's why it's hidden from us, so we won't get depressed.

I think Sprucefem had a pretty good meaning, she shouldn't be upset about this whole affair.

there she goes spouting off again

My sister and I had a debate last week that got me thinking.

She protests for anti-hate groups, which kind of focus on protesting against anti-gay groups. She made a statement that before she moved to topeka, she thought most Christians were pretty logical people, there was just a crazy minority out there who was against gay rights. But her opinion changed, especially this year... there was a bill to be voted on by the city council that added "or sexual orientation" to that "because of race, sex, religion..." list. The bill said that landlords cannot evict people from property because of sexual orientation, for instance. Apparently people came out of the woodwork, crazy right-wingers threatening all these horrible things, applauding for a speech made by mr. liver cancer himself, and she was forever changed. I could not convince her that most Christians, like me, were logical people who believed in the separation of church and state. She was like, "No, you don't understand. You are the minority. These people don't want gays to have any rights, ever." Then someone else referred to me as a "liberal Christian", which just sounded funny... I like to think I'm a normal Christian, you know?

So I joined a community and put up a little poll about gay marriage. I know, not scientific, but I was curious. And you know what I learned?

Seemingly nothing. We are totally split down the middle. There's been a slight inclination towards "legalize it" all day, but I'm going to assume that the internet Christians are a more liberal bunch than the rest. Also, I told them that this was just a poll, don't debate the issue. But the debated the issue anyway. That's what I gotta love about the Christians, we love to talk :)

Maybe my opinion on the whole marriage issue is more effected by the fact that I'm a libertarian more than the fact that I'm a Christian. Government should be small. Laws should keep us from hurting one another, but we should be free to hurt ourselves, just because something's immoral doesn't mean it should be illegal. Is homosexuality immoral? Who knows? Who cares? God's around to decide these things, so I don't see why it's such a big deal to us Christians. I personally don't get the feeling that it's wrong, but that's just a hunch, I'm not always right.

I like it when Christians bring up the whole striking-down-the-city-of Sodom thing. I cannot find a verse in the bible that says He did that because people were homosexuals. From what I can tell, He did it because they were RAPING each other. Yes, we can be clear that that's a sin! And they were just general assholes, didn't share, didn't play nice, etc. There weren't ten rightous citizens to be found, it says. That'll do it. So I love it when I hear that whole, "If we let the gays marry, we'll get struck down like Sodom!"

No, actually, if we are incapable of showing love to our fellow man we'll... uhp! hey... did you feel something just then?

Liberal Christian... pshaw. I just think I'm right.