December 31st, 2002


bike rack project

So I went home today. I had my doubts, but have been feeling anxious at my parent's house so I thought the best thing to do would be to just go home. The birds had a fantastic ride back; we only stopped once for a chocolate frosty at wendy's which I did not share but I told them all about it. And the lady at the toll booth said hello to them. That was exciting.

I got back and thought about the disaster that is my apartment... seriously, I have no space. I have no organization. I need shelves, boxes, drawers... more spots for stuff, but I told myself I had to unpack before buying those kinds of things. I didn't unpack though, I got an idea for how to store Bike.

Bike has been in my living room since I moved in and it's really been kinda tough for all of us. My living room isn't big enough for the furniture that's in it, forget a mountain bike. So I was going to put it outside on the balcony because that's what lots of people do, on the second floor I'd be awfully hard to steal, but I couldn't think of a way to lock it up. Then I had a coworker over, and when he saw Bike he was like, "No, do not put this outside." Hrm.

Then I got this idea tonight to hang it in my stairwell over the ledge... just sling some PVC pipe or shelf hardware or something and there we go... bike is inside the apartment, but not in any one room. The ledge that divides my living room from the stairwell is only 4' high or so, it's a cute ledge, I put my christmas cards on it before and I've got some little jars and vases and stuff there now. So I went to Lowe's to see what all was there.

Plastic pipes just didn't look sturdy enough, so I went with steel! No, not the galvinized stuff, I cheaped out a little bit. Spent $25 total on this project. The steel fittings and pipes were all threaded and everything, really thick... I used 1/2" for the bike parts and 3/8" for the visible parts on the living room side. I ended up making a matching set of J-shaped things with a T connector about 3/4 of the way down the long side to stick an 8" pipe to hold bike... and whala! bike has a home! It only took four months to think it up. No screws in the wall, no paint scratched off the ledge (I padded all this), it'll never fall down, and doesn't take up much room on the stairs.

Lowe's employees are very helpful, I had like three different guys ask if I needed help while I was browsing the plumbing section.

And it's nice to know that since the whole structure is made of steel, if someone ever breaks into my apartment I'll be able to beat them to death quickly and efficiently with part of my bike rack.

So... I am safe at home but still not unpacked. Tomorrow that's my goal. And shelf-shopping. Wal-mart will be good for that.

film fest, star trek puzzle, neopethetic

I rented four $.50 movies at Dillon's today... am totally geared up to be completely anti-social until work starts monday! Seriously, I plan to have no human contact aside from my hairdresser, and I haven't even scheduled that yet.

I haven't watched any of the movies yet because I've been tackling projects around here, sort of. I bought some shelves for my closet to help my life out a bit. I'm putting together a puzzle on the coffee table, it's a star trek puzzle. I wanted the tin it came in when I found it in our basement but mum said she would not let me leave the puzzle pieces in a ziplock baggie in a kitchen drawer, I had to take the whole thing. I suck at puzzles. I get frustrated, I look around and around and then I'm like, "DAMMIT, I KNOW THERE ARE PIECES MISSING! AND EXTRA PIECES THROWN IN! THIS ISN'T EVEN A PUZZLE!" Mom is good at/enjoys puzzles, that's why we have them.

Got an e-mail from some fan saying that I could screw neopets back by creating a "guild" and uploading pictures to the "guild photo gallery" for people to link to, so those quiz results that were eating up a gig a day could be eating a neopets gig. wheee! But I tried it and it won't let me upload images, it says it "cannot process your upload" and tells me to try again later. Screw you neopets, I hate you anyway! All I want to do is test it out, see if linking to an image requires guild membership, you know?

My sister is doing a fabulous job feeding my neopet though, I will say that. And it looks like I have a shop now or something, and some neopoints? Go me. Sort of.