December 13th, 2002


finding what's lost, Official ST: Nemesis Review

First, the news on my life... I found the precious thing I had lost. No, it was not the One Ring, you dorks! But it was the One Brooch... given to me by my dearest friend Mikey some months ago right before the move. And I clearly remembered putting it in a very safe place, then putting it in an even safer place for the move, a place where I knew it would make it to wichita, a place that was safe and hidden and... totally forgettable.

Isn't that just always the curse of safe places?

Uhg. I received a gift basket from the company I was to work for and put the silver elvish leaf in there, then after I moved thought, "This is such a pretty basket, has a lid with a latch and everything. It'll look nice ON TOP OF MY BATHROOM CABINET with these candles and things."

I then proceeded to drive myself positively nuts for the next months, practically turning my apartment upside down whenever I got the urge (about once a week), before I asked you guys and just walked around looking at the walls trying to see if I could give myself x-ray vision or something. I had to find it by the time LotR came out! Or I would buy myself another one! Either way, I could not tell anyone I'd lost it.

But I didn't lose it. Yay! I feel so relieved.

Now that that's been said, I have a few things to say about Star Trek: Nemesis. I liked it, dammit! But then, I have a way with liking these things. Minor spoilers are below, so only continue reading if you dare.

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