October 24th, 2002


e-mail sucks, heating up work, secondary science

I've stopped checking e-mail. You know, really all it is is spam, and I can't send e-mail anyway, so what's the use? I get about 100 messages a day, when I finally check it I'll just delete it all because, well, I just don't care. I haven't done much with my forum either in the last two days. It's fine without me, it really is, what's the worst that can happen? When I do go back this weekend I'll make more moderators and call it good. I'm sick of feeling like my online life has to be an obligation. Hell, I'm sick of feeling like my life period is an obligation.

Work is weird, our office has been really hot the last two days, today was the worst. I think something's wrong. It's very cold outside, in the 30s this morning, but our office is in the 80s. There are guys with thermometers so we know. There are no windows, so we can't even feel anything cold. Some lady told me that it wasn't the heat being screwed up, it was just that they turned the AC off and the number of people and computers makes it 80°f all the time, I think that's bunk. The heat is on and it's an issue. We're all going nuts. No one can concentrate, we feel drowsy and loopy. There's a lot more giggling going on, I know that's hard to describe, but there is.

Last night I ruined some chicken then went to help the high schoolers with their robot some more, the big huge competition to end it all (thank god) is Saturday morning. Their design really isn't good. But I go along with stuff now and try not to suggest too many things because they won't listen anyway so I might as well save my breath. Scientific process isn't something that comes naturally to kids. What do they learn in science in grades 1-10? I'm thinking not a lot. "chemistry" to them means fizzing and bubbling, but it's actually molecules bonding together, diagrams with circles connected by lines. How come they don't see that until high school? And "biology" isn't sex ed, or nutrition, it's a million systems working together. And throught it all there is a process, mostly of sketching and drawing and visualizing. That's what kids should learn in science. I don't remember how I felt about this in high school, but both the teacher and myself can not get the point across to these kids that if they draw the idea on paper, then drill the holes, they'll ruin a lot less material. uhg. You have to write stuff down before you do it. And after you do it.

In the end, life really just boils down to the paperwork. I guess that's too sad a thing to consider when you're young.