October 4th, 2002


vroom vroom

Okay, so I totally told the guys at work that I was thinking about buying a car sometime in the next two months, and that's all they talk to me about. I know I'm an advocate of equality between the sexes and not catagorizing men and women, but what is it about guys and cars? Even guys who don't like cars seem to like cars. There's like car proteins in testosterone or something. I went into electronics because I loved physics, I can't tell you how many guys I met who started because they dinked with their car stereos so often they wanted to make a career out of it.

What's more, I've got the close men in my life looking at me sending secret pheromones or something to sway my decision. Both Dad and Boyfriend have expressed the idea that if it makes me happy, they'll be happy too. But I can feel these vibes... Dad's all like, "But wouldn't you be happy with an american car? We love american cars, right?". And Dave's all like, "Stop throwing out Hondas, they aren't bad cars! Now Saturns, I have no idea why you like those." Even my boss, who rocks my face off, recently confessed that he's never gotten along with women who drive mitsubishi eclipses. Where the hell did that come from?

Really, all I want right now is a car with a drivers' side window that rolls down. And no duct tape holding parts to the undercarriage. And an engine that's not a four cylinder... damn I'm tired of having to turn the AC off to get up the on-ramp to the highway! The probe was a great little college car, I loved it, but it's time for it to go back to college... my sister reminds me of this every time I call. I don't like the probe's black interior, it makes the damn thing an oven in the summer. I don't like its totally uselessly small back seat, it seats a box of kleenex and two pairs of shoes comfortably, yet rumor has it back seats are for people.

A sunroof would be nice. And a CD player, that shouldn't be hard. Power windows. And I like red cars a lot, red or blue.

I'm not going to run out and do the dumb college grad new car thing, I've seen too many people do that and they never seem smart. I'll get a '98-'01. Maybe a program car? Who knows.

Ewe, I just took the "what car is right for you" quiz on auto trader and my #1 pick was a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Coupe. That doesn't look that fun for some reason, maybe I'll test drive one just for the hell of it though. I want to test drive one of those gas-electric hybrid cars too, they look cool. Anyway, I've got some time to think about it. And lots of people to talk to about it, glad they're all excited about talking to me all the sudden. Dorks.

Top Most 8 Important Traits For My New Car (in order of importance)
1) Fuel efficient
2) Small and easy to park
3) Seen as Dead Sexy by opposite sex (duh)
4) Reliable
5) Fast
6) All the right features (CD, power locks, etc.)
7) All the right colors
8) Stamp of approval from car-knowing people in my life (sigh)