September 23rd, 2002



My parakeets can't figure out my apartment, and now I think they've given up. I felt really bad about not letting them out to fly around a bit, so I let them out yesterday for a long time. They just sat in the aquarium for a long time until I sort of promted them out, then they proceeded to get lost. Naboo flew into my bedroom and couldn't get out. Aggy perched on top of the vertical blinds in my living room for a really long time, I went to wal-mart and came back and he was still there. So I brought him back to the aquarium, which is in the corner of the living room, on top of the stairs. He went straight for his food and ate like he hadn't eaten all day, which was possible, obviously he couldn't find it.

My birds make tabloidscully's dogs look like einstein. And that's hard.

So I let them out again today and they won't even fly around the room. They just sort of look bewildered. Sigh.