August 30th, 2002


eat, shop, shop, complain, eat

I get great joy out of cooking in my apartment. So far, I've made four hot dogs and cut up an apple.

But wait, there's more! In case you're wondering what I'm having for dinner tonight, here's the official recipe for...

Spacefem's "Shit I Can't Cook" Mexican Bowl

1 can black beans
1 little bag of boil-in-bag rice
1 little package cream cheese
some salsa
4 torn up corn tortillas

Instructions: Cook beans and rice, then dump everything in a pot and stir. If it looks funny, add more salsa. Sit on floor and eat.

yay me! I'm cooking now! And it's quite good, if I do say so myself. And very hippie-vegetarian.

In other news... guess what? I took off today to think about ordering that couch again, even though it's eight weeks away, and decided instead to stop by one more time at this other furniture store. I was like, "Last time I walked around here clockwise, this time I guess I'll go counter-clockwise."

Because in my mind, I was thinking that yes, an eggplant couch is unique, but is it so unique that it takes eight weeks to get one to Kansas, where some poor girl is sitting on the floor not inviting friends over?

So instead of looking at every couch in this place, I focused on dark cool colors. And guess what? They had a couch I loved! And a chair! The chair is the most comfy thing I've ever sat in, I was thrilled and the lady said their warehouse was in Denver, so it'll be two weeks, not eight weeks. Rock on!

So I just... ordered it! And while I was at it, I bought some tables, because they had this deal where if you spent enough you got twelve months same as cash. By the time I bought two side tables and a coffee table to go with my funky purple (more like plum, this one) couch, I was there. They're great tables, all metal and glass and modern. The prices were about the same as at the other place, I got decent help, I walked out satisfied.

Sitting on my couch... it rules. And it's this soft suedy kind of fabric with textured swirls. And it's big. Not like, wide big, like "go people with long legs" big.

I'm so excited! I felt funny walking out of the place because, let's face it, I'd just signed a deal to spend a lot of money. But it'll be worth it, it's really what I want.

So that was the good thing that happened today. Now get this part:

I'm feeling all happy again when I remember that I have coupons at The Limited. Cool. I go to the mall, but guess what? no limited. wtf? So I go back to the car where I've got my car phone book (phone books are like security blankets to me) and look it up, and I see a Limited Too but figure I'm not in the right place for The Limited so I just go to Limited Too because let's face it, where there's a Limited Too there's a Limited.

But not in wichita! My jaw just dropped with the girl at Limited Too told me there was no Limited in this city.

And to make matters worse, I didn't see a NYCO either. what kind of twilight zone deal is this? I finally get a job where I can buy nice clothes, and the only two normal person stores in the world that carry stuff that fits my weird self AREN'T HERE.

Conspiracy! I demand... something!


myself and my websites

Everyone, you're officially invited to the forums! I opened the forums a week ago or so, and promised myself I wouldn't announce them here unless I was sure they'd be okay on their own. I use livejournal to announce a lot of site updates, and I sort of had to prove to myself that I could make something work without the livejournal community. It's turned out well, we've got over thirty members (after just seven days, mind you) and lots of crazy random posting.

It's a unique board, and the members have turned out being just like I thought they'd be. Young. Random. Lighthearted. We're not having intellectual political discussions here, you know? It's like... the forum version of #offourmeds, if anyone from #beos remembers that one. I always loved that channel.

And we have the best smilies.

So it's not for everyone, but if you're in the mood to think about nothing, jump right in.

That was that thought. Now on to another pressing issue...

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