August 25th, 2002


me and my bright ideas...

So I decided to swap dad's computer out, replace it with my sister's old 300MHz because he's running a 166. To make things more simple, we took out his current hard drive (we just upgraded that, so it's a 20G).

When we started the new computer with the old hard drive, it of course flipped out because we're running windows 98. That's to be expected, we restarted a dozen times and installed a bunch of crap.

Now, I know windows 98 SE comes with drivers for the video and ethernet card in this computer, I've done it before. But when I went to install the drivers off the CD, I couldn't. I'd click "search for driver for this device" or whatever, and the damn thing would restart. I shit you not.

So then I did a "display driver, I'll pick my favorite" thing, and it displayed drivers, and I clicked the one I wanted and clicked "install" and the fucker restarted again.

So then I RE-INSTALLED windows, not that it deserved to be re-installed because now I'm thinking it's a dirty piece of shit from hell. Went through the drill, relaxed, tried to install the driver...

And it restarted again. It also restarted when I tried installing the ethernet card driver off the D-link disk.

why this is bad:

1) I use lots of bad words when I'm mad at computers
2) I hate starting a task, like a simple hard drive swap, and having to undo it because it's retarded for no good reason
3) Dad's without a computer
4) I hate windows even more
5) need I go on?

Help would be appreciated, I'm sort of at the end of my rope here. We can't do anything without drivers, and can't get drivers period.
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senior project

update on issue

Well, given the fact that I'm pissed as hell and am moving in two days, I decided to abandon "operation fix computer for dad", un-swap the hard drives, and deal.

I'm not usually one to be an operating system hater. I believe that every OS has it's good and bad points. Every time I here someone talk about how Free BSD does absolutely everything or OS X is God's gift to the entire world, I think they sound like total idiots. No major OS is 100% better or worse than all the other ones.

But after what I've done today I'm declaring the next 24 hours, "Windows 98 Can Eat Shit And Die" day, because it really irked me. Now I'm re-setting it for the old computer, and it's taking forever because every time it updates a little bitty thing it has to restart. And do you have any idea how long it takes to restart windows on a 166MHz machine?

It's a well-known fact that I run Linux. I'm not going to deny the fact that I've hated Linux before, there have been times when I wanted to curse everyone who ever had anything to do with it. But when I think back, most of my frustrations with Linux have been about little things, like font displays. Windows just takes a whole damn computer down, one messed up driver screws the entire system and you're SOL. One program crashes and it takes ten minutes to kill the damn thing, it keeps "not responding" and shit like that. Windows needs xkill more than any OS I can think of!

Alright, that's my penguin comment for today.