July 30th, 2002


weird dreams, life on google

I had bad dreams last night. First, I dreamed that I was trying to help people save beached whales, and some of them were afraid of being eaten by the whales so I told them not to worry, whales don't eat people, they have no teeth. Then the whales started eating people. They'd just sort of gum us to death. Sounds funny now, but when I woke up from it I was scared to death.

Then I dreamed I got a second interview for technical writing at that company, and I brought in a user manual I'd done, and the guy just found tons of grammar errors in it and stuff. It was terrible. And true, because there are mistakes in everything I've done. I'm just not as detail-oriented as I say I am, it's a weakness I've always had, always tried to improve, always failed at. UHG!

So to cheer myself up this morning, I'm having pizza for breakfast :) And I took a long hard look at my website statistics. Guess what? When you run a google search for xmms skins, I'm right up there under xmms.org! Crazy, huh? And I'm not doing too bad on "desktop backgrounds" either... I'm on page two for those, but I still get lots of hits from it (more than I get from xmms skins, oddly enough).

I'm going home today. Sigh. Gave David a big hug and told him to come down next weekend, he might.

sad news for the dancing condoms of doom...

Most of SpacefemsPlanet.com just got shut off for exceeding bandwidth... BIG TIME. This means nothing to a lot of you, but any useless blob fans are in trouble.

I am unemployed and cannot afford a host for the little buggers, that's that. I can barely afford to host my own durn website. I think the blobs just died, unless someone comes up with an idea.

So I'll put it to a livejournal vote...

What should become of the Useless Blobs?

It is time for the blobs to die. C'mon Spacefem, even you think they're stupid. Let's celebrate the live they had and move on.
Nooo! You've got to do something! Ask for donations!
Wait, I know of someone to host the blobs!
Why don't you tell all those neopets losers who pasted 30,000 of them on every storefront and got you turned off to stick it?