July 22nd, 2002


long musing

My dress... doesn't close in the front because I don't have enough buttons! Some of you probably don't think this is an issue. I do, so I guess I'll make the rounds and go to all the different jo-ann stores to see if somebody has more. I bought out the local store. I think it's kinda dumb that they only stock two packages of a given type of button. I even asked if they had more in the back or something, they were like, "Nope, want us to call another store?"

Kansas weather is always so f'ed up. These days, we have like a 40% chance of rain every day, and it always looks like it's going to rain, not just in a "wow, it's cloudy" kinda way, but in a, "wow, that's the scariest damn sky I've ever seen. we're going to have a storm that will end us all and then some." kinda way. But it doesn't storm. Doesn't even rain. We just sit under these unnaturally colored skies and breathe tension. It's strange living under a sky like this. You can smell it in the air, it's so heavy and weird.

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