July 17th, 2002


many subjects, one post!

This thought it a bit dated, but I just wanted to say that it really bothers me when people buy t-shirts with unique random slogans at MALL STORES. You're supposed to get those at thrift stores, where they really are unique, and it really shows that you have a smart sense of style because you save money and know things other people don't. Paying $30 for a ragged-edged shirt that says, "Abercrombie Boating" or "Old Navy Ski Club" doesn't make you unique, it makes you stupid because you're paying a Big Corporate Machine to do their advertising for them.


Now that that's off my chest... I had a horrible nightmare last night and I think it's because of Mikey's David Eddings book (I'm on Magician's Gambit now). It's scary! And I'm a wus. No one else I know has these problems... ever since I was a little kid I've been awful at sleeping if anything is disturbing me even a little bit. When I was like nine my best friend and I stayed up and watched a freddy krueger movie and it kept me laying awake for almost a month. I was nine then. I'm 22 now! I like scary movies. I like being startled and all that. But then it keeps me up because, well, apparently I'm a big damn baby.

My sister and I went shopping, I (finally) bought the ben folds five album I've been salivating over since the concert. Reinhold Messner, it totally rocks. On the way home we followed a car, with this big black dog hanging its head out the window and my sister was all like, "Whee, you're flying!" Conversation follows:

Spacefem: "That's so adorable!"
Sister: "It's not good for their eyes, but it makes them so happy. PUPPY!"
Spacefem: "Why do you think they do that?"
Sister: "Because it's fun!"
Spacefem: "Speaking from experience here, babe?"
Sister: "Come on, you'd do it too if you could!"
Spacefem: "What? You're so nuts, no way!"
Sister: "You would. It's just like when seniors going to prom hang out the sunroof, only with less ear flapping."
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