July 14th, 2002



Dave and I had a pretty lazy day. Went to the book store, went to the computer store. At night we ate dinner with my parents then rented "A Beautiful Mind" because neither of us had seen it before. It was a good movie. Very moving, very interesting, pretty freaky. The mind is a scary place. I'm glad I'm a computer person. I think psychologists are hopeless in a way, we're way to complex to decrypt, there's way too much going on for us to think about.

I still kind of wish Lord of the Rings would have won best picture :)

My sister said she learned that we have a county small business resource center with information and staff to answer questions of people thinking about being their own boss, like me! I'm still job searching, of course, but I don't think the world will end if I wait another few months to get a retail job. In the meantime I'm going to explore the feasability of my own business. The scariest thing about this is the accounting part of it, because I don't know anything about accounting and never took the classes in college (I took an economics for dummies class they offered for freshman to get their business credit out of the way quickly. it was an easy A, alright?). But I'm comforted by the fact that before I have to worry about accounting, I have to make some money to, uh, account with.

It's kinda like those brochures I got in college... I'd get my bank statement and in the envelope there'd be this glossy full-color flyer about "wealth management," explaining various bond and investment options the bank offered and throwing out menacing remarks about retirement. Then I'd go on to the bank statement to see that I had $70 to my name or something like that. I just got a giggle out of the though of going into the bank and being all like, "Yes, I'd like to manage my wealth? I've considered buying one of those share thingies that companies offer? Nope, just one. Okay, two. No, not 100... what do you think I want, a dot com?"

Money is not my strong point. And why should it be? Money is stupid. You can't care enough about your family, or sense of self, or writing skills, but there are a lot of people who care too much about money and we all know they're annoying... the kind of people who would be a CEO and take their $10 million dollar bonus while the blue collar workers who got them there get laid off and sell their daughters into prostitution to avoid having their gas cut off in the winter. I'll never be rich. Famous maybe, but not rich :)