July 10th, 2002


mexican food, technical writing

For my sister's birthday last night the whole family went to Cozymel's, this lucious mexican-type restaurant that's always totally crowded and noisy as hell. It was delicious. They make guacamole for you right by your table with fresh avacados and everything. I love guacamole, how could you not? I ordered a glorious spinach/mushroom enchillada dish that I couldn't finish (too much guacamole I guess) so I took it home and ate it for lunch today too, which was great. I love ordering vegetarian dishes at restaurants. When I make them at home they always taste, well, vegetarian, like something is missing. But at when they're done right they're blissful and I'm all about that. I love food. Also had a mojito (I think that was it), this frozen drink with rum, club soda, mint, and lots of lime. It was good.

I'm on lots of drugs now. The decongestant, the antibiotic, all gigantic pills. And I took nyquil again last night which I think I'm going to stop doing, I mean, I still cough and it makes me not wake up for another twelve hours. Some of you might not mind that, but I'm a take-charge kinda girl, I hate waking up at 10:45 in the morning and realizing the world has started without me today. Uhg.

I'm going to leave the house soon. The list:
  • birdseed
  • resume paper
  • sharpie marker for mum
  • talk to post office about weird mail I got that isn't addressed to me
  • cash money order sent to me as refund for junk router I bought a month ago on ebay

Also, everyone around me is swimsuit shopping. I feel the urge. I mean, the bikini I bought a couple years ago does not fit right, I'm not sure it ever did, and the one-peice I have is just too boring, I want my stomach to be sorta tan. So maybe it's time for some of that. I'll look today at Target.

Random thought: How does a company that takes 6-8 weeks to process a resume ever plan to hire anyone? I mean come on people, I really hope I'm already employed in 6-8 weeks. What are they doing? Is there a back door I'm totally missing? Because god knows I've tried the front door. And the web site. And the phone.

I also came to a realization yesterday about why I don't want to be a technical writer. I'd been wondering this myself lately, like I've been resisting it for no good reason. I think I'm afraid that when I become a technical writer, there's no little steps up from there. Like, if I'm a web designer, I'll be writing HTML. Then maybe a little JavaScript. Then maybe a little perl. Then maybe a lot of perl, and eventually I'm a full-blown developer. Or if I'm an engineer, I start out doing grunt work, cataloging instruments and such. Then I do some research. Then I do a little design work. Then I do a little more design work. I move up in the world, always learning new things, always developing new skills.

What do technical writers develop? Where do they go? What do they learn? There is a huge difference between someone who's been an engineer for two years and someone who's been an engineer for 15 years. Is it the same with writers? I don't think so.

That's what's got me, I finally pegged it. If anyone out there wants to tell me I'm wrong about that profession, go for it, until then I'm going to feel this way. I'll keep applying for the positions, but not as hard as I'll work for web design work.

funny hate mail of the day

I shouldn't post stuff like this, but the urge is too strong...

Your intelligence test does NOT measure someone intelligence accuratly. I have taken a few IQ tests. Everyone i get a result of about 119 to 120. Your results said i was average. That isn't ture. an IQ of 100 is average ok, 120 is fairly above average. That is very stupid, u should also put that this test doesn't measure intelligence of someone correctly. Also the Real stickdeath site is www.stickdeath.com as you can see it is much better and he worked his ass off on it. Also my IQ test that i took was not an online one it was one issued at school. So dont YOU DARE TELL ME that yours is right and the one i took is wrong. Or i Will e-mail u some more complaints.

I get in more trouble for that damn intelligence test! And now I've got to go back and change the scoring again, I can't leave it the way it is knowing that people like this get "average"...

For the record, I got about ten e-mails today, and this was the only bad one. I just love being spacefem. Even hate mail makes me love being spacefem, it's all just... smile-worthy. Who on earth would I have been had I been born in another time? I don't care if the .coms all died last year, this is the golden age of the internet, everyone is on, everyone is free, everyone is growing up connected to one another. I think we have a ways to go, and it's going to get better, but for now I'm happy, no, thrilled, with what I have.

Now I need to think of a response to make that guy just as thrilled as I am... oh hell, no I don't.