July 9th, 2002


sister's birthday, sickness, neopets is evil

Happy birthday to my sister! She's 19... I'd link to her livejournal but she's never updated it, not once. Too addicted to neopets (yes) to get into this.

This morning I woke up and started the routine of feeling miserable and blowing my nose. Seriously, I blew it ten times (count 'em!) before I could make a bowl of cereal. And I felt like crap, so mom just came down and was like, "GO to the DOCTOR!" Fine. I went. And he said I probably had a sinus infection and need drugs, he perscribed an antibiotic (ah, flashbacks to health center days) and something for my congestion. So I'm officially sick, the kind of sick that requires drugs. Wheee!

Not only that, I'm officially lazy, because I went to bed at 10 last night and woke up at 10 this morning and took a nap after I got home from lunch with my sister. I'd blame it on the reoccurring depression symptoms I get from being unemployed, but I've really been pretty happy this week (aside from feeling like crap) so it's not that.

My sister says she sees useless blobs all over neopets in a scary way. They've taken over. She says 15% or so of all shop owners seem to have one, so if 1/4 of the neopets members have shops and there are 10 million (they say 20 million, I don't buy it) active neopets members, that means there are 375,000 of the buggers floating around neopets alone. And that's just if everyone only adopted one (I wish). So I'm scared for the internet now.