July 2nd, 2002


sickness, finished style, music

So yesteraday dave and I got back from the mall around 3:00 and he says he isn't feeling well. Throat hurts, achy joints, whole bit. I give him a back rub and he takes a nap, has some rice for dinner, all that. He starts to feel better, but then suddenly I start to feel the same things, and I whine a lot more than he does so it feels even worse. I'm achy everywhere, light headed, can't swallow, can barely talk. UHG. Sick. Bad thing is, I'm supposed to go home today. I just called my family and no one answered the phone, I was going to ask mom if she really wanted me to come home. She misses me but I know she'll kill me if I get her sick, mum can catch anything, from any species, over any channel (e-mail virus? with her it really is one) and does not need to get this today. So I'm kinda torn. Will try to call again later.

While Dave was being sick, I did manage to finish my first real public style! Technically the one I use on my journal now is public, but I don't think anyone would want to use it without serious modification because it's totally based on my website. But this one is for the people (well, the people with paid accounts) and I'm proud of it. All the IDs and previews were posted in lj_style last night and you can read that post here. So far everyone seems to be impressed, and I have to admit, I'm a little impressed myself. The calendar view is pretty :)

I've been listening a lot to dave's music, he's got the ben folds five album, "The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner" in MP3. It's an incredible album. Seriously. I regret not buying it, but I remember exactly what I was thinking when it came out. I was thinking that I already owned two ben folds five albums and don't buy many cds and was having one of those, "is this artist good enough that I must own every single album?" crisises. I do that a lot, because I don't buy many CDs really. I've been buying more since mp3 craze started and I discovered amazon.com used cds, but I'm still kind of reserved. It's weird.
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