July 1st, 2002


style updates, good day to be a postal worker

My style I started a few days ago is evolving. I made this today. Dave likes it, he says it's "very baja minimalist". anyway, your comments are welcome.

Dave and I went to the mall today. I didn't buy anything and that made me feel proud, because I've worn the hell out of these new demin shorts and in the back of my mind want a second pair just... to have a second pair. After the mall we went to the post office, which was interesting. He needed to pick up a package, I needed to ask about shipping rates for a web design client...

spacefem: "I need to know the new rates for priority mail."
post guy: (pointing to a gigantic sign) "It's right there. They start at $3.70.
spacefem: I know they start at $3.70, but that's only up to one pound. I have three and five pound packages to ship.
post guy: Oh, well I don't know those rates. You'll have to look at a zone/price chart, they're available online.
spacefem: I looked on line and there were no price charts. I was hoping you'd have one here.
post guy: (looks frustrated) No. We're supposed to get them in soon, why don't you come back in a few days?

Now, I've worked with customers, I know stuff gets weird. But having no idea what new prices are the day they come into effect? What if I really did need to ship a package today, it'd be free or something? I wonder about the USPS sometimes, I really do.