June 26th, 2002


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finding direction, washing the car

Well, I'm gearing up to leave. Going to des moines tomorrow to visit dave and, while I'm at it, talk to two placement companies on Friday about life and stuff. I'm starting to think that half the issues with my job crunch are related to the fact that I have no focus or direction. Do I want to be an engineer? A technician? A Supporter Of Computers? A web designer? A lady asked me today what part of engineering I wanted to go into, hell, I don't know! I laughed and said that after job searching for a month I'd take anything, honestly, then she was like, "So... manufacturing?" Uh, sure. What I really want to do is print out an eight foot long banner with my name and phone number to turn in instead of a resume with a post-it that just says, "Call me whenever, for whatever!" That is not attractive to employers. But what's a renaissance girl to do?

So I worked out which was nice because I am feeling stronger. I can set the chest press machine with more weight than the minimum now... yeah! I got my oil changed then washed my car at the pay-per-minute car wash dealy. Those are so fun! Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of just slaving away for hours in the shade scrubbing with buckets and sponges, but I like to be more interactive then just sitting through the conveyor wash at the gas station. I like the really high pressure soapy hoses they have at this place, the self-soaping brush, all that. Putting in quarters for more time, racing to get it all rinsed off before you run out or have to put in another quarter. It's enjoyable and satisfying.

I brought about $3 or $4 with me and put the quarters in a stack by the "control center", spent $1.75 or so, then promptly drove off feeling all happy and sunny. Then I remembered there were a bunch of quarters still sitting there. Thought about going back but I was already like a mile away, so I just went. I don't need material things anyway, and someone's day will be made better. Said a quick prayer for my quarters anyway, just to make it seem alright... Dear God... Please watch over my abandoned stack of quarters and lead an appropriately needy, stricken individual to them. I pray that his or her day will be brighter because of this very small fortune. And lead them not into the hands of some JoCO yuppie butthead trying to wash puppy blood off his new lexus. amen.

Then I wanted to go to the pool to lay in the sun but it's closed for chemical issues! Perish the thought. So I took a nap instead. Woke up and ate tacos for dinner. A horrible storm blew in so I'm sitting here listening to the thunder thinking how I didn't really have to wash my car after all. Well, life gives you little victories and defeats, yes? I'll take it all in stride, because this is a good week, I decided on Monday.
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