June 19th, 2002


da site

Okay, so spacefem.com has been slow as hell lately. This bothers me. It's on the same servers as she-net.com (also slow as hell lately) and I pay $10 a month for it, a pretty normal deal. And when I went into it I felt pretty good because the she-net gals really wanted someone to split their server costs, I thought I was helping out because they aren't doing so well sometimes.

But lately the site has been awful, and what's worse, I can never get ayesha to e-mail me back about stuff. Like, I'd really like spacefem.com e-mail but according to my domain registrar the people who admin my domain name server (host) need to add the mail exchange information to point towards my e-mail host (the wonderful mtffm will be providing this service. weee!). I can not get a hold of anyone to do this, and I hate it because my starmail.com e-mail is getting worse every day.

I don't want to walk out on she-net, but I've got a good server I use for all my professional stuff, they've got a real phone number and everything. Maybe I really am sucking more than $10 a month worth of bandwidth? If so, ayesha is welcome to tell me or make me pay for what I'm using, I just want to hear something, anything from her sometime soon otherwise I'm going to have to dump the plan just to get e-mail set up. URH!

In other news, it's laserith's birthday. happy birthday!

In other other news, I went to talk to that placement company today. It wasn't anything serious, just one of those interviews to check to see if I have a giant "DEATH TO HUMANITY" tattoo across my forehead or can't talk in full sentences during an interview. They asked a few questions about how much perl I actually know (ha!), where I'm willing to work (uh, planet earth?), what I'm doing. I kinda laughed once because the guy had my resume and said something like, "I see that you majored in electronics with a telecommunications emphasis. Wouldn't you rather go into telecommunications?" uh, sure, in what century again? I pretty much ruled out telecom in November, that market was being eliminated when I was a summer intern. But I guess I can't lose hope.

He might as well have asked if I'd like to co-star in a steven spielberg movie with angelina jolie.

Came home and changed clothes, am stealing a cute skirt from my sister to wear to my party (that I'm throwing at someone else's house) tonight. Am not sure if I'm ladylike to wear a skirt to stuff, but since working out I have this (probably false) idea that my legs (i know) have returned to their track athelete status (ha!). I've felt pretty all day. That's a curse for me, because I'm really a total slob. I can be a lady like Mike Tyson can be intellectual.

Parakeets are doing that thing where they pick at their seed dish then stare at me, then look around the dish again and look back at me. Like it's my fault they picked out their favorites an hour after I fed them. Fine, I'm weak, they'll get more.