June 10th, 2002


good days

Bowling last night was awesome! Not only do we have a new team member (who is a waaay better bowler than my man, sorry hon) but I bowled like a 134 or something. Totally sweet! Got two strikes in a row a few times, but never three. Well, some things must be left for the future.

Afterwards we went to johnny's and I mooched onion rings and french fries off people. Funny thing about Mikey, he says that modern day chivalry is all about ordering fries when the girl across from you doesn't want any then letting her eat all yours. He's such a sweetheart! We left the bar, drove around, I got home a little after midnight.

Then I was very productive today. Did some shopping, well, spent another $35 or so on clothes that would look good when worn to an office or job interview. I should really buy these things after I have a job interview or office to go to, but they were on sale, yadda yadda. To make up for it I took the digital files of my resume and references to Copy Max and had them run off on nice paper. Ten copies of each. Shopped for father's day, shopped for Me, went home.

I also started making actual phone calls to placement agencies and newspaper ads about getting that job. Had some interesting responses. It's kinda funny, because I'm not getting a lot of good vibes from IT people, they all want someone with 2-3 years of experience (and 2-3 years is the magic number, BTW). I asked one guy what I should do to earn said experience and he had no idea, all he knew was that my college years of troubleshooting desktop PCs, setting up little department networks, and running cables did NOT count as (seemingly) any kind of experience. Thanks. So I guess I'm screwed there, or something?

Anyway, I've gotten some surprising leads on the Web Design front. This kinda scares me because I know web designers don't make anything close to what IT people make, but hey, it's a job. And let's face it, I like web design. It's fulfilling, and I know it'll be educational for me because I'll be forced to increase my somewhat limited scripting skills.

In the evening, I worked out, came home, cleaned house, and here I am. Tomorrow I'm calling more job people, trying to get in touch with the one guy who called me back, and maybe shopping some more. No, no! Bad spacefem!

My parakeets are currently napping so they'll have the energy to wake me up at 7 a.m. They sleep on one leg. That's so weird.