June 4th, 2002


8 Great Dream Jobs

Okay, so I've started thinking (and don't have a heart attack over this one) about applying for jobs. Yes, life is insane. The thing is, I'm in no huge hurry, so I think I'm going to apply for the big pipe-dream jobs first, then just hook up with a placement company to see what tragic monkey job they can get me.

My dad, btw, crushed my tender dreams of being a freelance web designer. No, he didn't threaten to pull the plug on my broadband or tell me to get serious and work for The Man, he just explained the science of quarterly filing, social security, tax write-offs and audits. Crap!

That aside, I thought I'd put up this:
8 Great Dream Jobs of Spacefem
(in no particular order)

Spacefem Helps The Little People
School districts around here are cutting budgets like crazy, which is too bad because I think it'd be really fun to work for a school. Then need me, too. I'd go fix stuff at elementary schools, maybe come in and help with a class on web design, that sort of stuff. Feel like the future was better because of me.

Special Agent Spacefem
Guess who's upgrading a bunch of computer systems this year? The FBI! Totally neat - I'd love to get in there and start fighting villans and searching for The Truth like Mulder & Scully on the X Files. Okay, so my job probably wouldn't be that interesting, but I could definately help them out, and you know government jobs have great retirement plans. Found myself wondering recently about the background check though: are they going to link the real applicant me to spacefem? If so, how quickly will that get me thrown off the list?

Super High-Tech Spacefem
I already applied to these jobs and never heard a word, but it'd be interesting to work in an R&D type department, maybe just doing scrubby support stuff. AMD, Lucent Technologies, any of those - I'd see things get invented and pushed forward, I'd be on the inside.

I don't even know how this got on the list, sorry. I just thought I'd mention that I love puppies.

Graphic Artist
Aside from the fact that I'm not an artist, I think this would be a great job. I'd help some big web development firm with... I dunno, navigation buttons. If that makes sense. Oh, I'm doomed!

Anything With Lots Of Traveling

Everything Spacefem
This is what I really want to do. Work for a little company and do everything. Set up a network for them, troubleshoot their computers, keep their website looking pretty, talk to clients on the phone, hold seminars, all that. Just so I'm not doing the same durn thing everyday.

Spacefem On Wheels
Found out about this company in KC, "Geeks on Wheels" or something like that. They drive to people's houses and fix any computer problem. It'd be nice to interact with the public everyday like that. I'd want a parter or something (I'm not going to go into strange people's houses everyday by myself) but I think it'd be rewarding. I'll have to see if they're taking applicants.

So there, I've said it. Now I'm really thinking that I'll have to keep this list around for two years to look at when I've got experience to get me these jobs, I know half of them are out right now because they're not about to hire a fresh college grad. But hey, it doesn't hurt to apply.

the grass is greener

I was totally going to mow the lawn today but it's going to rain any second and the forecast calls for thunderstorms. Sorry, Dad. (my dad needs a livejournal. who else agrees? spacedad or something, he could complain about his freeloading daughter. anybody else's parents on this thing?)

Totally registered a domain name for a client today only to have him e-mail me mentioning the domain again, only with a different spelling. DAH! He'd better have made a typo, he's soo paying for the mistake.

Worked out yesterday at the Jewish Community Center. Did stairmaster and weights and everything and am surprisingly not too sore today. Excellent! Still have no arm strength, btw, in case anyone was thinking I'd outgrow my whole genetic weakness or whatever. Even when I lifted weights in track I didn't have strong arms, I got so I could bench the bar PLUS 10 POUNDS and that was like a huge deal. A bar looks really sad with little 5lb weights on either side, especially when it's next to some hulking linebacker loading a bar with weights I can't even lift when they're not all together on a bar. Sigh. I guess if I could change one thing about my body it'd be that: I'd be able to beat at least one person on this planet at arm wrestling. Well, and I'd have perfect vision. Damn this imperfect self of mine!

My sister's hermit crab moved from one corner of its little hut to the other, so I've successfully kept it alive for like three days now. Awesome!