May 29th, 2002


getting down with life

I am way too comfortable being unemployed. I've got food, shelter, broadband... everything necessary to just veg out and do nothing. I have no money, so I'm thinking that's the one that'll eventually get me, but who really needs money anyway?

I have been invited to three weddings that are taking place in the next 14 days. All require a drive of 1.5-3 hours. I don't feel like going to any of them. I guess I should send a card or something, but honestly I'm so negative and apathetic about weddings even doing that is like pulling my own teeth. Then today mum was suggesting that it's proper etiquette to send money with the card, like $25. Wha? First, I'm not even going to the receptions, it's not like I'm getting a meal out of these people. Second, if I start sending $25 per wedding I'm going to be in deep trouble soon because there are two more weddings in July I know of. It adds up! Third, am I going to expect any of these people to send me money for my wedding? Am I ever going to have a wedding? Am I so cruel as to do that to my friends? I don't even think I'm close enough to these couples to keep track of them over the next 5-30 years to invite them to my wedding, which I can tell you all will not be any time soon.

Yes, I suppose there are just some things you do without complaining about. But by complaining about it I've already blown that, so now I guess it's decision time.

I don't even think I approve of people getting married right out of college. I mean, what's their damn hurry? Has anyone ever laid on their death bed and said, "I wish I'd gotten married and started a family and been pinned down before I was 25"? But I know I've ranted on this topic before.

My computer case is really hot lately. Something isn't right. My chip is even technically underclocked... I've got the bus speed set at 100 and not 133 like I did a month ago. If it's not one thing, it's another, huh?

web development question

So part of being a "professional" is keeping your self-doubt to yourself, I've learned. This goes under that heading.

I keep having clients ask me if they're supposed to buy some promotion "package" for their sites so it gets hits from search engines. My answer is always an outright "NO" because I don't think $40+ a month is going to do anything but waste money. They'd be buying some automated software or something that submits them to search engines again and again until they get banned, that's what I think.

I also believe that if your site is really valuable, it'll get found by who needs to find it. If it's not valuable and you're working really hard to drag people in by misleading them, then those people are just going to get mad and leave. Waste of bandwidth.

Opinions? I should stop telling customers to skip these promotion packages if they actually do accomplish something.

celebrity userpics?

First... Tippin's Strawberry Pie - thank God!

That was just to say something happy. For my next trick, I'm going to piss a lot of you off by asking this question that's been racking my brain for like weeks now: Why, why, why would anyone want to have a celebrity for their livejournal userpic? (I swear 100% that this entry is not directed at anyone in particular.) Aren't userpics supposed to reflect your personality? You think some famous person, who already has a personality (probably not a terribly nice one, you can't be terribly nice and make it in a world that competitive) reflects you better than anything else? Do you just wake up every morning and think, "I wish I was JLo today!"? Is it the movie that the picture is from, is that what you're telling us you're like? Do you want us to think you look like Mel Gibson? What did these random lucky famous people do to deserve your trying so hard to align yourselves with them?

I get the non-descript symbols, often personalities can't be described, just like symbols. But by picking a celebrity you're just throwing yourselves into that dirty, greedy, hollywood world that we'd all be better people to avoid. I'm not suggesting you all go change your userpics, I'm just trying to understand this phenomenon. In my journal I want people to think I'm me, and no one else, I'm not about to give natalie portman or billy corgan or any other "beautiful person" credit for my thoughts and my life.

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