May 24th, 2002


look at her go!

I let my birds out this morning for a day of freedom... they've been doing laps around the room and perching on curtains since 10 a.m. I'm sitting here being watched by two very content looking parakeets.

Router still isn't here! Pain, suffering, etc. But I had an urge today to hook up, so I unpacked Computer, set up in another table in the office, and realized the longest ethernet cable I owned was 7 feet long. Crumbs! Went to MicroCenter, bought a nice 25ft cable. On the way home I stopped and washed my car for like two minutes because I parked under a tree last night and (I swear) a bird the size of a rhinocerous perched right above it after eating thanksgiving dinner. Well, that was really a detail you all didn't need to know.

Came home, unplugged the WonderCyrix from the DSL modem and ran my cable to my computer, which I remembered had no ethernet card. Crap! But wait... Dave gave me an ethernet card! Score! Installed that.

Then got hungry. Had leftover chicken from last night's dinner out with parents. Very good! Split it with sister.

Came back up and figured I was feeling adventerous today, why not do this thang in Linux? Fun! So I did. Yes, little Spacefem who knows very little about computers and barely gets by in this crazy "anti-user" operating system set herself up for DSL in less than an hour. Plug in, read, read, read, ifconfig, yast2, PPPoEd, ka-bam! I'm here! This may not sound like much to you all but I am very proud of myself, it's not every day I get something to work in Linux. Linux is my friend! Linux loves the campus network and DSL and everything! Yeah Linux!

I hope the router is as easy to set up. Hrm.

So now I'm going to pack for a fun-filled adventure with fire_hazzard and others on the Memorial Day Float Trip. It should be cold and rainy. uhg.

Parakeets are currently eating an old towel. Good for them? Who knows? All I know is that these things are better than dogs at chew-toy focus skills... remember the edges you'd tear off of those dot-matrix printers? I'd give those to my birds and they wouldn't rest until the cage was lined with bits of shredded paper. Crazy.
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sister glimpses

Okay, so I'm home unpacking with no job and parents who work, so who do I spend my days with? The loyal sister! Who is this mysterious girl? Read the facts:
  • Says the thing she misses most about cable TV is watching CSPAN 2 all the time. Uh, yeah babe, that'd be a party for sure. Dorky poly-sci major.
  • I gave her my neopet account password because she said it was cruel of me not to feed my neopet. I was like, "Why? I didn't feed him for like a year and he didn't die, and he's not even real." And she was like, "That's because they can't die! I feel horrible for your neopet!"
  • Let's restate that last one: you can't kill a neopet? WTF? That site is definately evil.
  • Saw a box of Oil of Olay daily facial clothes in her room and I was like, "Wow, these are expensive, aren't they? Are they good?" and she was all, "They didn't make my face feel clean. But they're super for washing furniture." My sister has the smoothest most radiant furniture in Kansas.
  • I got her to chase me around the house for like 15 minutes today when I put her grades in my pants and ran around yelling, "They're in my pants! They're in my pants!" She'd been looking for them to come in the mail all week and they finally did... on the day I checked the mail! ha!
  • She drives like a... well, let's just say she drives.

I love this girl. Ah, life in a family.