April 28th, 2002


this electro-chemical machine

I cannot concentrate today to save my life. Maybe it's because I'm in my room and not at the tech center? Maybe it's because I have a million little things to do and no one big thing? Anyway it's disturbing.

I did some friends list checking last night, adding people who had added me. I just went until me friends/friend of lists were balanced my way again. I once found a utility that would tell you who on your friends list hadn't added you and who you hadn't added that had you listed, but I lost it. Any help? I like to add everyone who's got me listed as a friend, as long as the journaller in question posts less than, say, 30% test results and other fluff.

Also updated my user info to tell my entire life story in less than 500 words.

Thought: Why don't you ever see some big burly man on a commercial for dish soap or laundry detergent? Even on channels/shows where most of the viewers are male, women are always the ones doing the talking. It's not like men don't do dishes or laundry, I've seen them.

Have discovered these delicious patio mexican tv dinners that are only a dollar at wal-mart. With lettuce, I think they're a better meal than what I usually eat. Really high in sodium, but you know, you can't have everything be right.

it does a body good

Funny TNG dialog caught during the TNN marathon this afternoon:

Picard: Didn't anyone else here play with ships in bottles when they were a boy?!
Worf: I did not play with toys.
Data: And I was never a boy.

Maybe you had to be there, the timing really made it. Anyway, I'm going to miss cable TV when I live on my own and have to pay for it. I won't pay for it, it's not worth it... hell, with the money spend on cable I can buy those box set DVDs of entire star trek TNG seasons. What's cable, $20/mo? Yup. And then maybe a DVD player. What a concept!

I was going stir crazy this afternoon so I (now don't gasp too hard) went outside! Whoh! Geared up, got on my bike, and set out to see the world. It was an orgasmically beautiful day. Not too much wind, either, which is weird for Kansas. So I biked to the other end of town and even hit the trails a little bit, but quickly exited to the roads because I haven't done trail riding for a long time I knew I shouldn't be out there by myself. It's just really fun, gets your heart running hard core going up and down those muddy, root-ridden, roller coaster hills. So I felt good with myself after that, my legs felt good, I came back to my room and parked bike and sat down with a jar of peanut butter, a bag of m&ms, a spoon, and canceled the effects of the whole workout.

But it's the idea of it, really.

Ever since I quit track I've been thinking about the value of exercize. My HS coach used to say working out was like "putting money in the bank"... you make a withdrawl later in competition, and whoever's put the most in is going to get the most out. But like money, we're all going to die one day, no matter what shape we're in. And we can't take muscle tone with us. True, you live better if you have money and are in good physical shape, but in both cases if you spend too much time earning either one you won't have time to live and take advantage of what you've worked for. And for me, I feel like I'm really living when I eat peanut butter straight from the jar.

Smokers think about this topic. Athletes, I believe, do not. At least I never did, until the end, when I decided I was done being an athlete. I used to run a lot - to class, across the hall, to see a friend, and people would make fun of me and I'd get mad at them and have to explain that if I'm working this hard at being in great shape, I should at least use it to get somewhere every so often. damn.

Concentrate on money, concentrate on fitness... same thing almost. Yourself. What you earn. Something you can't take with you to the other side. What is a body, anyway?