April 24th, 2002


Life, liberty, QWERTY

There's a car alarm outside my window. I hate car alarms.

But that's beside the point... first of tonight I'd like to welcome both japhy134 and palehorizan to the world of livejournal. Check out their journals at least if you don't add them to your friends list for a while, they're both terribly cool people.

After spending today trying to learn Java I have gotten just short of nowhere. Java is a pain in the ass, I hate to say it, but it's honestly one of the pickiest, quirkiest, most frustrating tools I've ever worked with. It's true that I have no experience with OOP or heavy "gotta compile this" code, but I don't think this is going to get me anywhere in a week. Even with really good help from people, I'm screwed. I'll give it another couple days then I need to move on, I hate to say it, but I'm not learning this language to better myself or the world, I'm learning it for one program that absolutely must be done before Monday. If it doesn't work, I'll read my bits into a file with hyperterminal and write an Excel file that does the math for the user. That's just how it's got to be. I greatly appreciate the help I've been getting, but there's only so many times I can annoy people with stupid questions. True, I haven't tested the serial reading program cnik wrote me, but even with that I need to learn how to do complex things like creating variables and multiplying numbers together. uhg.

I picked up my cap & gown for graduation last week and they asked me if I was getting department honors or in honors college or just felt real special and I said I was in honors college and they were like, "Well, you're supposed to wear this cord at graduation. It's $10." $10 for a stupid cord so I can look more stuck up than everyone else? I think not! I told them I didn't want it.

Then today I got to thinking that although I didn't feel a need associate myself with the honors college, my mother would have my head in a vice if she saw anything in the program or something about how honors college students were wearing cords and I didn't have one. So I went back and paid the freaking $10.

At what age of independence will I really make decisions without thinking about my parents? Never?

Thought for the day: If you think the best part of your job is the compensation, you definately have a crappy job. I arrived at this over dinner with Dave where he was talking about how he loved the money he got from his job but still felt totally pointless. That's exactly how I felt at my summer internship... "Well, at least it pays well." And it looked good on a resume, I forgot that one.

Found out today my neighbors (who scream at each other) are selling plasma for food. These are people who rationed out a thing of soda crackers for three days, now all the sudden they're going out to restaurants to celebrate their new-found fortune of $50 a week each. What about this freaks me out, the financial irresponsibility or the fact that they're selling parts of themselves to eat? I guess there's a stigma about using your body for money, I should get over it I know.

I read this report about college-age women selling their eggs for money. Like, $1000 or more - sperm donors never seem to get screened but for some reason couples choose eggs out of, like, catalogs that list the attributes of fertile young women. And I was thinking, "I had a good SAT score. I'm tall, thin, and have blue eyes. I need cash..."

Then I remembered that was totally fucked up!

much like this journal... rant rant rant rant... I write too much.

good morning, earth!

The two people I welcomed last night, japhy134 and palehorizan, started their journals three days apart, both like disc golf (he calls it frizbee golf, but what's the diff?), both like ben folds, and *ography (photography, videography, again basically the same thing). Coincidence? I think NOT! And they're both totally adorable! And he's a huge Jill Sobule fan and she just bought Pink Pearl like a week ago and I think she liked it (but then, who doesn't like Pink Pearl?)

I should start an lj-friend hookup program. Like, put the geek guys from #BeOS with the feminist she-net girls and the cute innocent linux community members with the sexilicious chicks (scary!) Everyone sure would learn new things.

I had a dream last night that our department finally got the funding to network our controls lab and I was so happy but then they were like, "So here are network cards, have fun!" and I was like, "but... I don't have time to install twenty network cards! AAAHHH!"

Big bruise on my knee. Where'd that come from?

I took like a two hour nap yesterday afternoon because I was tired, but then last night I couldn't sleep until three. Curses! It backfired!

Am spending time writing the Moonbuggy Monitoring System user guide. I'm having some fun with it, I figure if it's funny people will read it. Like, instead of warning boxes with boring stuff like, "Adhesive may bond to skin" I say stuff like, "Did you use wide enough tape like we told you to? We hope so, because if you didn't your fingers are now stuck to the metal testing surface forever. Don't come crying to us, we tried to warn you."
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