April 22nd, 2002


we only come out at night...

coffee break...

okay I admit it, I slept last night. and woke up and ate breakfast slowly to give myself a mental break. Then I set to work here around 10 a.m. and TOTALLY crashed around 6. Just couldn't think. My head spun and my brain stopped functioning every time I looked at the circuit board, it was awful.

So I went and saw Dave, he's been gone all weekend and we missed each other. 1.5 hour snuggle and chat. mmm.

Felt good, came back. Brought coffee maker (horray!) and determination. I have less than 10 hours before presentation time now... oh good lord...

Status report:
PIC code ironed out........ DONE
Board soldered............. DONE
Board in case.............. NOT DONE (Will wait until morning when partner comes I think)
Strain gage conditioning... DONE
Software to read whole thing... NOT DONE but it MUST be done before I can think about anything else! am using qbasic (sorry, but it's what people around here seem to know) and keep getting I/O errors on serial port even though hyperterminal reads it all just fine. ARHG!

you know, in my four years of college, I have never pulled an all-nighter? heh.

normal much?

project status: not done
presentation status: DONE!
level of caring about project status given current presentation status: ZERO!

YES! The advisory board didn't seem to mind so much that I didn't have software for my data yet. They were impressed enough that it worked and sent data at all, and I was like, "It's just a little glitch in the software that's not ironed out... it'll be TOTALLY COOL when I get it fixed!" Hell, half the projects didn't work anyway. Jaimee's GPS thing quit. What's up with that thing, it just has to suck when anyone but her or me looks at it?

And I will get my code fixed. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Because I am taking a break. I didn't pull an all-nighter last night, I went to bed at 6:30 a.m. because I felt totally worthless, like I would never get anything done. Slept until almost 9.

(technically it could qualify as an all-nighter because I didn't sleep until after the sun was up. but oh well.)

wore my STFU shirt and shorts for the presentation. everyone else wore, like, suits, but I didn't care. I had to ride a moonbuggy to demo things, for starters, so skirts were totally out of the question, and after a girl gets 2.5 hrs of sleep in a 30 hour period, it's totally okay for her to tell anyone to STFU.

My current projects include laundry (my room totally smells!), eating, showering, and thinking about other homework. Like a normal college student again! mmm. Wednesday, I've decided, I will work again.

In other news, I'm thinking of starting a new section on spacefem.com for interviews. I keep getting the weirdest people in my guestbook and I want to know more about them (more material to make fun of, basically). So I'll do interviews via e-mail. I should also balance them out with some smart people, so if any of you friend-types have something cool to talk about or something big going on or just think you're a unique person, just let me know and you can be featured on spacefem.com. If you don't say anything I'll be forced to talk to you in person, just a warning!

Anyway, tell me what you want to be interviewed about, or I can just make random questions. It'll be fun!
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