April 21st, 2002



two days until project due date.

"VAR G$" - still gets me after all these years! ha!

must stay awake until... monday at 4? who wants to place a bet?

discovered secret to strain gage amps. requires testing resistors more carefully - inverting terminal divider ones must be exactly 505 and 630 ohms. started second stage amps tonight. retard lab partner scheduled to come in tomorrow at 3 to show me his temperature circuit so I can get it on the board... let's hope he doesn't end up in a river.

love other lab partner again though. did great job w. boxes, brought me cookies. smart girl.

other diet: bought a pizza thursday, lived on it until today around noon. tried to ration but was hungry. should buy another pizza, maybe vegi lovers this time.

am supposed to dress up for presentation, i think a skirt at STFU t-shirt will suffice. have stopped showering, so what's the point of clothes really?
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