April 16th, 2002


Life, liberty, pursuit

Official project due date is one week. Am having trouble with baud rate settings on PIC, can't seem to get the internal clock going right, will have to use crystal oscillator. Am going strong working 14 hours a day, but did snap at worthless group member twice saying his existance was a waste of my time and everyone else's. He looked a bit hurt but he'll be fine, kids bounce back from that kind of thing.

Complaint of the day: It sucks when you get back from vacation to find your e-mail account over capacity. It really sucks when you see that the only reason it's over capacity is because someone sent you a 120K SPAM about an "amazing financial opportunity".

Other news: someone alerted me that my blob page was screwed up so I fixed it (the "small blue" blob is now actually blue). I also took the time to go ahead and add crisco747's latest creation, the canadian blob:
Adopt your own useless blob!

Other other news: Dear friend sporkopolis has new baby! This happened a week ago, I have no idea how I missed it but you should all go tell him congrats. LJ needs an "entry priority" system, you know, so you can read the really important events in friends lives first every day, then go to the scrub entries like this one.

Final other news: Apparently it's hot out these days. I wouldn't know.

she lives

Project update: PIC microcontroller now talks to computer! Weee! This happened within, like, 10 minute of the start of my workday today. It's funny how a night's sleep can make things magically happen. Now I get excel spreadsheets full of 5 columns of numbers.

So now that that's done, I've got a to-do list that could knock over a brick wall. Here's what gets done before monday:

1) Mount strain gages on moonbuggy
2) Calibrate gages (develop formulas in software)
3) Read serial data with qbasic or Java, not hyperterminal
4) Verify that serial data works wirelessly through transmitter/receiver pair
5) Solder analog components, PIC, transmitter, and receiver to circuit boards (started this tonight, failed miserably)
6) Mount components in cases
7) Kill moronic lab partner whose temperature sensor still doesn't work
8) Prepare presentation for advisory board meeting monday afternoon
9) Shower

I was in the tech building so late tonight the campus cops stopped in on their rounds and asked what I was doing there! aaahhh! Another guy was there with me though, working on his project. He went on a food run for both of us and we talked about loopy insane "i'm in senior design and can't think right" stuff.

I promise one day I'll have a life to talk about in my journal again. I know it's been a while.