April 1st, 2002


i'm tired of lying

I've had this online identity for almost three years now, doing a very good job of keeping it up. But now I'm sick of it and it's time to tell the truth. I made up almost everything about Spacefem. I'm not really a feminist. I'm not really a linux user. I'm not even a woman. But it was a fun ride! Anyway, my real name is Aaron, I'm a graduate student in mechanical engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson:

I hope no one is mad at me for lying all this time. I might just change my mind about this "coming out" move tonight, delete this entry, and pretend it all never happened, but at least the few of you who really pay attention will know the truth.

Oh, and Chyx? I did it just to meet chicks.


I'd just like to wish all my loyal fans a very happy April Fool's Day! Always a fav, I only wish I'd had a livejournal at this time last year, then I could have some sort of tradition going. Harmful? Maybe. But certainly funny. And you know when sites like slashdot and gamefaqs have so much fun with this ever-noble holiday, there's no way I'm going to stay out of it.

And besides, momentarily scaring my online friends has absolutely NO consequences when you compare it to other things I'm tempted to do every year like covering toilet seats with plastic wrap to make my sister pee on herself or letting small animals (aardvarks?) loose on first floor.

In other news: the rest of my day went quite well. I did a presentation for my senior seminar class on gender inequality in the engineering industry. It was funny... statistically, female engineers make $5K less than male engineers during their first few years in the job force, and the gap widens after that. But females from our department have historically gotten jobs that pay above what the average male makes. I think a big part of this has to do with the fact that we're not engineering majors, we're engineering technology, so we're trying to get into a world that does things and moves forward and isn't a stubborn old institution like engineering is.

Anyway I was proud of the guys in my class, they seemed to like my presentation and we had a good discussion afterwards, which hasn't happened after any of the other fall-asleep speeches on nanotechnology and numerical analysis. I know them all very well, we've been through four years together, but it's funny how many new things you can learn about people even after all that. Like, there's one psuedo-slacker guy who's our token class clown (he'll get bored and throw wads of paper to be funny, stuff like that) but I learned a few weeks ago he's engaged to a lawyer (!) and today he admitted he's a feminist. It takes a lot for a male engineer to admit to being a feminist, and he has very strong opinions on the matter. Go figure.

Then my lab partner got up and did a presentation on BlueTooth, which I told her some time ago was totally dead, but she's like obsessed with it. It's because I did a report on it two years ago, I think, she's probably jealous that I beat her to the punch by so long.

Afterwards Dave and Brad (fatman) and I went out for mexican food because I was having hella-cravings for enchilladas. Brad bought. He's way too nice. Then I went to night class and almost fell asleep like 12 times because my stomach was full and I had that happy+full+bored feeling that always gets me.

And that was the day of Spacefem, who, for all you know, is probably a woman. But one can never be sure of these things... mwahahaha!
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