March 26th, 2002


diplomacy is overrated

I left my shave gel in our hotel in Ontario last week so I had to buy a whole new bottle. Gillette had a new scent... "Melon Splash" or something like that (it's green) so I picked it up and OHMIGOD it smells so good! It's like a celebration of fruit every time I shave my legs! I'm not recommending that anyone take up leg shaving to use this stuff, because in truth leg shaving is not really practical and certainly not feminist-like, I'm not sure why I do it myself,but damn... fun!

it's so great maybe i'll shave my head with it :) opinions, friedtoast? hee!

I'm noticing I'm being more mean to people lately. Confrontational. My inner thought is that I'm helping them because I care about them and want them to change, so maybe one day they'll get sick of me telling them things like, "Get over it!" and "Stand up for yourself!" and they'll be different people and their lives will be better. Conflicts: 1) I'm not their mother, I'm their friend, are friends supposed to do that? 2) My definition of a better happier person closely matches the person I am. Is it fair to try to make everyone more like me? 3) How can I make them understand that I'm trying to help? All these questions go through my mind. I'm the type of woman (and I think I got this from my mother, uhg) who has something to say about almost anything, and advice to give, and I hate my opinion not being listened to. I hang out with tough people because they don't have a problem hearing my thoughts, but the world around me may not be like that.

I'm thinking back to when my (somewhat former) friend george accused me of being a manipulative bitch when it came to getting my way, and I was like, "So... what's the problem with that? My way is right."

spacefem is mean.