March 24th, 2002



I'm making JELLO! Apricot Jello...mmm... mostly to take away the pain of buggy poll CGIs I've been playing with on Oh, the scripts aren't buggy when I get them, that's not the issue, it's my tweaking because I think I know perl that makes them not work. I think I'll use one for when I get a good one; skorobeus was supposed to have me executed months ago because I promised I'd do it for him but never did.

In the last 24 hours or so, pres589 and I decided we mutually hate the following things:
  • Sackers at the grocery who do dumb things, like dedicating a whole sack to a single package of cheese or putting a watermelon on top of your taco shells.
  • People who get on IRC and complain that they're bored. What are we supposed to do, entertain you? Get out and take a walk! Unplug! Damn lifeless geeks. I mean, I'm a damn lifeless geek too, but you don't see me complaining about it.
  • Cold weather (it's 65°F today! horray!)

However, we also disagree on these things:
  • How fun it would be to go to this Star Trek convention in a few weeks. See Captain Kirk! He says I'm geeky for wanting to go... c'mon now... I just might have to think about it some more and draft the Kansas City friends, or maybe someone's been to one of these conventions before and can tell me if they're cool or not.
  • Banana yogurt. Gawd that's disgusting.
  • How cool the Oscars are going to be tonight. I've been freaking counting down... they'll be showing clips from the Lord of the Rings I'm sure! And I'll get to see how many awards it wins! weeee! I just don't think Dave's getting that pumped, dunno why.

Only 2½ hours until my JELLO is set! I'll tell you all how yummy and fruity it is (unless I lose my jello craving, damn, hadn't thought about that. shouldn've gotten the snack packs maybe.)