February 26th, 2002


she's just tired, let it go

Tried to update, browser crashed after 20 minutes. So I'll try again. I hate hate hate re-writing stuff, that crash just ruined my whole day. Oh, and the browser came back in a couple minutes, but I'd done so much button pressing I'd lost everything I'd written already. UGHGGHG!

Most of my entry was about how I'm tired. I really haven't had 10 minutes to myself since Saturday, between senior design prototype review and driving to Kansas City for my grandparent's anniversary, I'm about to keel over. But finally tonight I don't have class or anything, I can just relax, do some homework, breath a bit.

I got to talk to my whole extended huge family (grandma and grandpa had five kids who all had at least two kids, plus there were a million people I didn't know) sunday, answering the same questions over and over... "I'm graduating in May. Yup, pretty excited. Nope, no job yet." Everybody's really nice to be interested in life, but jeebus, sometimes my life is depressing to think about. One of my uncles thinks I should stay in school and get an MBA because they make twice as much money, but from what I can tell they're also three times as useless. I hate managers. I think teams should follow natural leadership, not assigned titles. I hate titles. I learned this summer that titles suck, because the company I worked for wanted to hire people with my degree as "Engineering Technicians". For those of you not in the know, let me sum up some quick definitions:

Engineer: A respected individual who makes lots of money, but has a boring useless job behind a desk.

Technician: An underappreciated individual who doesn't make money, but has a fun job running around in the world fixing things with toys

Engineering Technician: An underappreciated individual who doesn't make money and has a boring useless job. What's this, the "worst of both worlds" game? Who thought this up, an engineer?


Word to kids out there: If you think you want to be like the guys in Star Trek: TNG who wear the yellow shirts, don't be an engineer! Jordi LaForge is a technician, you can tell because he's happy and useful! Although, he's also respected and important, so we can assume that in the future, being a technician doesn't suck in that respect anymore.

Well, I've managed to regurgitate the main points of my lost LJ entry, I don't feel like writing more now because I'm still kinda depressed about losing that first one, but it happens. I have a long night with not a whole lot of stuff to do (except 8 pages of english homework, a 50 page data sheet to read, and 5 companies to e-mail, but hey, what's college all about?) so I won't be so stressed out and testy tomorrow, I promise :)
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it's what season?

it's like 7 degrees outside right now! and the wind gusts are hitting 30mph! i am not making this up!

If it's like this in Canada in a month on my trip, I'm hauling my skinny cold ass back to Kansas. What happened to our "winter for people who hate winter"? This isn't just uncomfortable, it's painful.
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