February 9th, 2002


events on the other end of the timeline

It's funny, while I'm struggling with the calamities of figuring out my young life, I've been given the responsibily of getting music for my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Kinda ironic in a way. So tonight I started downloading huge amounts of songs... some were requests, others were songs I just remember hearing Grandma sing when I was a little girl, most are just cheesy-ass love songs that everyone seems to think you should just have... here's a brief selection of the list so far:

Anne Murray - May I Have This Dance
The Beatles - In My Life (ooh... i should get "When I'm 64"!)
Diana Ross - Endless Love ("friends listen to Endless Love in the dark!" great line.)
Eagles - Love Will Keep Us Alive
Tim McGraw - My Best Friend
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Grow Old Along With Me
Richard Marx - Now And Forever
Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You
The Pretenders - I'll Stand By You

And so much more!

Anywho, it's been an interesting experience scanning audiogalaxy for all of this (yup, i'm stealing music, sorry all!), I get loopy and download extra songs for fun (Too Much Booty In Da Pants!) and stuff. As always, I'm open for requests, whether you're an anonomous passer-by or a not so anonomous passer by who might be related to me because you're like my uncle and don't think I know you read my website (oops, did I say that out loud?)

pres589 pointed out (when I sent him a copy of "Too Much Booty In Da Pants" because I was feeling silly) that we don't have a song yet. Do we need one? I was listening to "Endless Love" thinking that if dave & I were dancing to it we'd have to stop each other from acting dumb and making each other laugh, it's too soupy to be taken seriously, so we can't just have any song, and he already rejected the one I mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph. So much weighing on my little brain!

Okay, bedtime.
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computer == life

Last night dave took me out to dinner we and did some shopping while we were in "the big city" (read: Joplin, MO). We hit the best buy and I got a little gel wrist pad to use while mouse-ing because (GET THIS!) I have developed a callous on the base of my wrist where it hits the table when I use my mouse. It's gross and dry and cracking and all that. Anyway, talk about the difference - I'm so happy and ergonomic-feeling! After just today I've not only gotten used to the wrist wrest but feel so much more relieved after those tough spurts of chatting online, surfing the internet, and making desktop wallpapers.

True, I could have just taken the injury as a sign that I spend entirely too much time on my computer, but that would be dumb.

I also could have blamed it on the decent flow of web design jobs coming in lately and labeled it work-related, and then sued myself for workers' comp. I'm sure it's been done before.

Today I woke up around 8 and woke up dave at 10 (he likes it when I do that, I can tell even if he doesn't say it. who'd really want to sleep until noon? that's crazy!). I did a yoga tape and worked on editing homework. I listened to selections from the 60+ songs I downloaded yesterday.

I spent half the day in Windows, half in Linux. Talk about weird! Having two OSs is like having two homes, it really is. It takes a determined movement to switch from one to the other, you have samples of your life on each partition, when you're in one you miss little things about the other you never thought you would (this one applies more to Windows because I'm constricted to a single desktop - blah)

Maybe this'll work: Linux is like my dorm room. I spend 98% of my time here, it's where I'm creative and solid and happy. Windows is like my parent's house. I was raised there, but when I go back now it just doesn't feel like "me" any more. Life is easy there - they cook my food for me (no makeinstalls), there's less stuff floating around because my room at home is smaller (no multi-desktop action), all that.

But I outgrew my parent's house a few years ago. I outgrew windows this summer.

Say what you will about Linux being a dumb slave to xwindows or BSD being better or whathaveyou, it's a nice way for a simple down-home girl like me to escape the evils of windows and strike out on her own. I suppose you could say I'm about to outgrow this dorm room and get a real apartment one day, but for now I'm very, very happy.

And you've heard Spacefem's Tux Advocacy Of The Day, brought to you by SuSE, the distribution with a lizard.
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