February 4th, 2002


Gatsby, the weekend diet, obligatory update

I'm watching The Great Gatsby tonight on TV because I can't sleep. I loved that book once, but the more I think about it the more I can't decide if dear F. Scott was using it to complain about social classes or just women. Huh. Is it our fault he was tortured? I should read more of his books, then maybe I wouldn't be mad at him right now.

Weekend review: ('cause I haven't updated for two days, did you think I died?) it was boring. I worked on web design things, I'm finally getting to a progess stage with some jobs which is nice. I was on duty three nights in a row, so I sat at the front desk and read and printed out vegetarian recipes on the internet. For breakfast each day I had a granola bar and a glass of milk. For lunch I had corn tortillas wrapped around cheese with iceburg lettuce and salsa (sort of the lazy college version of enchilladas). For dinner I scrounged around and ate junk food - last night it was basically peanut butter and crackers then popcorn later, tonight I watched the superbowl in the lobby and ate hall program snacks like M&Ms.

Isn't every superbowl halftime supposed to have dancing girls and fireworks and stuff?

Anyway, I've got to get to bed, I'm planning to call the transmitter people and ask why my senior design project is a useless pile of wires. Gatsby's about to get his, too, so I should stop typing out of respect. Must sleep! arg.
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got 49Mhz?

Transmitter for senior design project isn't working. Manufacturer e-mails are bouncing back. Phone calls to the company, tech support included, get an "all circuits are busy" error. Do you...

1) Quit school and become a prostitute
2) Head to wal-mart, start hacking into baby monitors for wireless ANYTHING
3) Explode

Right, of course, you do #3! So that's what I'm doing, but in a light way because this is, after all, the first day I've tried to call for tech support help. arhg i need a wireless transmitter!

In other news, everyone on lj seems kinda hostile lately. I mean, is it really worth saying something if the whole point of it is to make someone mad? It is really worth it to look for the 2-3 entries that piss you off and just go on about those (yeah, i know i'm being hypocritical here, just go with it.) My favorite are the "this is my journal and anybody who doesn't like it can stick it!" posts. oh-kay... did someone accuse this of not being your journal? Dang, everybody cool down! People also have the right to comment in your journal if you leave it open for comments (and I think you should, we all need a little outside reflection now and then), and you don't have to agree with their comments. Agreeing to disagree is a lost art in our world, I think.

I also like all the, "I have too many friends and am cutting down!" entries. These are fine, don't get me wrong, but it seems like 9 times out of 10 the forementioned sentence is followed by something like, "I'll start by cutting down all the stupid worthless people. So if you get taken off my friends list, it's not because I'm overextended, it's because you're a moron." Nice - like it's not enough that you have to take them off your list, you have to make them feel bad too? Ouch.

In other other news, I had a BLT for lunch today and it was wonderful! I'm not meant to be a vegetarian. I'll still stick with my goal of eating less meat than the average american, mark my words, but that's it. mmm... piggies :)
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