February 1st, 2002


The SWE End

The Society of Women Engineers at my college is dying. I was president the year the deed happened, I guess you could say it's my fault, but I think I'll blame the world instead. None of the girls in the school really wanted to go. So now it's us four officers (all seniors) going to meetings - no underclassman has been to more than one meeting all year. We can't hold officer elections for next year. It's done.

SWE sucks, that's a fact. Its upper branches are a disorganized mess, its website looks like it was done in a high school english class, it takes 2 months to process new members and I never did get their damn magazine. We decided as a group not to go to the SWE conference because the last one was so stupid and useless. SWE has lost its sense of mission. Its mission should be one for activism, for watching out for its members, recruiting, publicizing citations, etc. I don't really know what they do though. It's sad. Big national organization, no purpose.

I'd write a CHYX article about it but I hate mentioning SWE like we care about them or something.

My other amazement about all this, I suppose, is the lack of enthusiasm by everyone. I mean, I'd say there are at least 30 female tech majors, and we did all we could (hung up signs, handed out flyers, posted to the website) to get them to come. They didn't. Why? Are they not activists? Do they not see a cause here, any reason for women to band together and support one another? Are they too busy to be involved? SWE has been important to me for three years here now, and if anyone I guess I'm angry at the underclassmen for letting it die. Kids these days, huh?
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thoughts on style

I'm noticing that more and more I'm writing about ideas to spark comments, and that's not really what a journal should be, it should document events yes? I mean, of course I can do whatever I want with it, but I certainly have to break my trend of being addicted to getting comments and feeling like a post is a dissapointment if it only gets like three or something. pres589 was moaning earlier this week that he didn't get comments at all and almost wanted to leave, and I felt kind of hypocritical telling him that you're not supposed to do it for attention.

So maybe I'll consider the last few months as an experiment in having a comment-inducing journal and change my focus to writing down key things that happen in my life and thoughts i'm thinking even if they're redundant. I'm okay with that.

Conclusion from the last few months results in...

Spacefem's Guide To Getting Lots Of Comments In Your LiveJournal
(because let's face it, you wanna see the love, right?)

1) Have a good friends list. 50 is a good number.
2) Post a lot in their journals so they'll feel guilty about not posting in yours.
3) Keep entries short, most people don't want to read really long stuff.
4) Be a hot chick
5) Don't ask for comments. If you ask, you look like you're begging and people get that, "What's in it for me?" feeling.
6) Mention people's names in your journal.
7) Alternate emotions. If you're happy one day, be pissed off the next. That way nobody gets bored with you or has to avoid commenting because they gave the "don't be sad *HUGS*" comment yesterday.
8) Discuss interesting subjects. Sex is the most interesting subject, for the record. Yup--sex toys, sex thoughts, sex dreams--it doesn't matter as long as it's sex.
9) Type something in all capital letters--just a sentence, to let people know you're being passionate.
10) Don't take personality quizes. Ever.

I think that's all I can think of. I'm going to go take a shower now, and think about how I plan to supplement the peanut butter & crackers I had for dinner.
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